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Escape the cold this winter

Escape the winter cold with an Interrail Pass and discover beautiful destinations in the south of Europe. From Spain to Turkey, there are plenty of amazing places that have nice temperatures and great cultural draws. And did we mention there are fewer crowds than in summer?





If there's one thing we love about Italy (besides the great history and cultural sights, of course) it's travelling there in winter. Go there to try all the Italian winter comfort foods, check out the now empty beaches, and sign up for a nice wine tasting. One thing's for sure: Italy is not only a summer destination!


Average temperature in November: 10°C (Milan) to 17°C (Rome and Southern Italy)

turkey istanbul blue mosque in winter



Winter in Turkey, with lower temperatures and fewer crowds, is perfect to get active and do some sightseeing. There's beautiful hiking, cycling and many other activities. On top of that, all the famous sights, museums and normally crowded beaches are now all yours. So wherever you go in Turkey, there's a lot to see and do in winter.


Average temperature in November: 15°C (Istanbul) to 20°C (Turkish Riviera)




In summer you'll find visitors flocking to the coast to enjoy their days at the beach. However, winter in Spain is just as amazing! The beaches are empty, many of the great cities are a lot more quiet and the overall experience is even more relaxed than usual. Ever considered visiting the thermal spas in Andalusia? You won't be cold in Spain this winter.


Average temperature in November: 16°C (Barcelona) to 19°C (Costa del Sol)




Greece and its impressive history are a must visit in all seasons, but in winter it all gets more authentic. Try all the amazing winter foods, like stuffed cabbage, bean soup and, of course, the delicious sweet winter desserts. Also don't forget to take a sip of rakia with honey, the Greek go-to winter drink. 


Average temperature in November: 18°C




The picturesque streets, never ending staircases and orange rooftops of Portugal will take you in and make you never want to leave again. This southern country is great in winter, whether you want to drink port wines in Porto, eat pastel de nata in Lisbon or discover the beautiful natural wonders of the south coast. The prices follow the temperatures, making Portugal a very affordable winter break!


Average temperature in November: 17/18°C

Go on an adventure in Europe


See? Interrailing in winter is a great adventure! So book your Pass and start planning your winter trip today. Don't forget to include a couple of the beautiful destinations we mentioned here.