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See another side of Europe this winter

Winter is one of the best times of year to hop on a train and get to know a different side of Europe. As the streets become less busy and the rooftops get dusted with snow, quirky traditions come alive and city lights shine a little brighter. As the air gets cold, the adventure is just warming up.


There's a piece of wintertime waiting for everyone. Which track will you take?


A winter wonderland of the brightest lights


Sweden combines unique winter experiences with nature's most stunning light show: the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights.


Relax on a scenic train ride


Check out these scenic routes that are as beautiful in winter as they are in summer.


Escape the cold


For those who want to head south for the winter.


Get a taste of winter


Cool temperatures call for a hearty meal.


Try some unusual snow activities


For when skiing just isn't creative enough.


Take the perfect photo


Could winter be the most Instagrammable time of year?

Want to do it all?


Grab your Interrail Global Pass to open the door to all of these winter experiences and more! With borderless rail travel in 33 countries, there's nothing standing between you and an incredible Winterrail adventure!