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Seat reservation fees

Get an idea of how much you need to budget for seat reservations if you’re planning to use high-speed domestic or international trains, or if you need to buy a reservation for a night train.

Domestic (high-speed) trains

Speed between cities in one country


  • Extra speed and comfort
  • Reservations often needed
  • Average price: €10


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International high-speed trains

Speed across borders


  • Extra speed and comfort
  • Reservations often needed
  • Average price: €15


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(International) night trains

Cover long distances while you sleep


  • Book a seat, bunk or couchette
  • Reservations always needed
  • Average price: €20


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Why do I have to pay for reservations?


Seat reservations aren’t included in your Interrail Pass – they're an additional supplement charged by some railway companies to make sure everyone gets a seat on busy services.


It can seem like a lot on top of the cost of your Pass, but trains that ask for mandatory reservations normally save you a lot of time, and have plenty of extra features like wifi and power sockets, so you can sit back and relax while you speed to your next destination.


If you're travelling on a budget, remember that most slower national and regional trains don't require seat reservations, so if you're willing to take the scenic route you can often avoid the extra cost.


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What are seat reservations?


Still not sure about reservations? We have all the answers – find out what they are, when you need them and how to book them.


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