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Booking Conditions

Version 3.0: 9 November 2022


Below you will find our Booking Conditions. Please note that these General Conditions apply only to the purchase of a Pass or the purchase of a Reservation through the Website. Please read the conditions below carefully and save them for future reading.

Please note: Dutch law is applicable to these Booking Conditions.


The following capitalised terms in these General Conditions have the meanings given to them in this article, both in singular and plural form.


1.1        Eurail: Eurail B.V., registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 30206952, with registered office in Utrecht, the Netherlands. P.O. Box 2338, 3500 GH Utrecht 

1.2        Customer: The natural or legal person who or that purchases a product, such as a Rail Pass or Reservation, through the Website.

1.3        Customer Service: The customer service available to all Customers via this link

1.4        Agreement: The agreement between the Customer and Eurail.

1.5        Rail Pass: The ticket, either in printed or digital form.

1.6        Paper Pass: The physical pass, consisting of the Rail Pass and the Pass Cover, which can be purchased in several variants and under various conditions.

1.6.1       Mobile Pass: a digital version of the paper pass designed to work with our Eurail/interrail Rail Planner app (hereinafter the “Rail Planner app”).

1.7      Rail Planner App: Eurail app which provides an offline timetable, information on benefits and pass coverage and that can hold a Eurail mobile Pass.

1.8        Reservation: The arrangement whereby a seat or sleeping place for a train journey is reserved through the Reservation Self-Service. A Reservation Ticket will be issued as proof of a Reservation.

1.9         Reservation Ticket: The physical or electronic proof of purchase of a seat Reservation.

1.10       Reservation Self-Service: The online portal of Eurail B.V. where Customers can book Reservations themselves.

1.11       Railway Companies: Parties whose services a Customer can use, namely transport by train and any other services provided by these parties, such as transport by boat, tram, or bus. Railway Companies as referred to in these General Conditions are partners contracted by Eurail for the provision of carriage.

1.12      General Conditions: These conditions, also referred to as the Booking Conditions.

1.13      Vouchers: Codes that the Customer can use to receive a discount on the purchase of Rail Passes.

1.14      Website: The website of and its subdomains.




2.1          Eurail B.V. acts as an intermediary for the sale of Rail Passes and Reservations to Customers who wish to make use of the services of the associated European Railway Companies. 

2.2          Eurail may inform Customers on the opportunity to book accommodations, such as hotels and hostels, or to take out travel insurance on external websites. If any of these services are purchased outside the Website environment, Eurail cannot be considered as a party to that agreement. These services are to be performed and executed by the partner concerned. Eurail is not responsible for the performance of such agreement nor liable for any damages that may result from, for example, changes or cancellations of reservations/bookings for accommodations.

2.3          The online timetable integrated into our Reservation Self-Service tool relies on the data provided by railway carriers and is updated once per week. Eurail cannot guarantee its accuracy. You acknowledge and accept that actual train schedules may deviate from the schedules presented in the timetable. You shall not hold Eurail liable for additional costs incurred by You due to reliance on the timetable or caused by inaccuracy in the timetable.

2.4      The statutory right of withdrawal does not apply to the purchase of Rail Passes and Reservations.


3.1          To make optimum use of the Website and all Eurail services, such as the Reservation Self-Service, the Customer needs to register and set up a personal account. During the registration process, the Customer chooses a username (email) and password to log in to the Website after registration. The Customer is responsible for choosing a sufficiently reliable password.

3.2          The Customer must keep the login credentials strictly confidential. Eurail is not liable for abuse of login data and may always assume that the person using them is the actual account holder. All actions through the Customer's account are for the responsibility and risk of the Customer, unless the Customer has duly informed Eurail that its account may have been compromised. In any case, the Customer shall take reasonable measures to prevent unauthorized access.



4.1          Prices communicated in any offer of Eurail on the Website or via other channels, are inclusive of (local) taxes and exclusive of any applicable delivery costs and additional fees such as reservation and/or booking fees. If certain costs are fixed and unavoidable, these will be included in the prices mentioned. Any delivery costs are based on the shipping address indicated by the Customer. In any case, all costs and fees will be communicated to the Customer prior to concluding the Agreement.

4.2          An offer is deemed a binding offer, but may be changed at any time, provided that it may not be changed after acceptance by the Customer, unless in the case of a manifest error.

4.3          The Agreement is concluded when the Customer accepts the offer electronically via the ordering process and meets the associated conditions.

4.4          The Customer is responsible for providing correct personal details during the ordering process. 

4.5          All payments are to be made in euros, unless other options or currencies are available. The use of Vouchers is subject to the terms specified in article 6.

4.6          Eurail has the right to investigate possible fraud and payment problems. If the investigation reveals the possible occurrence of fraud, Eurail will inform the Customer accordingly and Eurail will have the right to suspend or terminate the Agreement.

4.7          After the order has been confirmed by Eurail and payment has been received, the order shall be delivered to the Customer in accordance with article 8.

4.8          Once payment has been made, an order cannot be revised, modified, or changed. Orders are processed immediately in order to ensure the earliest possible delivery. If the Customer wants to change something in his order, Article 13 on Refunds & Exchanges applies. 

4.9          Subject to article 6, Vouchers may be redeemed when purchasing a Rail Pass.

4.10         After the purchase has been confirmed by Eurail and payment has been received, the Rail Pass shall be delivered to the Customer. Article 8 applies.


5.1          Eurail offers several variations of Rail Passes. Each type of Rail Pass has its own conditions and limitations (age, use, number of countries, duration, etc.). These conditions are all part of the offer and are clearly stated on the Website before any Agreement is concluded. 

5.2          The Customer is eligible to purchase an Interrail Rail Pass, if the Customer is a citizen or official legal resident of: 

  • One of the European Union Member states 


  • one of the other European countries: Albania, Andorra, Belarus, Bosnia Herzegovina, Faroe Islands, Gibraltar, Iceland, Isle of Man, Kosovo, Liechtenstein, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Norway, Russia, San Marino, Serbia, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom or Vatican City.

5.3          Individuals who are not a citizen or official legal resident of the countries defined in article 5.2, are not eligible for travel with an Interrail Rail Pass. Instead they can purchase a Eurail Rail Pass through, the website of Eurail. 

5.4      Citizenship can be proven by means of a valid passport or legal equivalent. Residency can be proven by means of official residence documents issued by the government, on paper or in digital format. This must be a document that clearly proves that the Customer is registered in the country where they live. Such documents vary by country.  

5.5      Your citizenship or country of residence must be indicated during the order process and this country will be shown on your actual Pass. Please note that there are dedicated rules for travelling in this country (see Conditions of Use, Travel in Country of Residence with an Interrail Pass). The Conditions of Use can be found here

5.6      In case the country where you live and/or work -your official country of residence- is different than the nationality in your passport or legal equivalent, the country where you actually live and/or work prevails and should be indicated when ordering the Pass.  

5.7       E-residency documents are not accepted as valid proof of residency. 



6.1          A Voucher is a code the Customer can use to receive a certain discount on the purchase of a Rail Pass. Vouchers cannot be used to pay for exchange rate differences relating to the Rail Pass, Reservations or other additional fees or charges.

6.2          To receive the discount corresponding to the Voucher, the Customer must enter the Voucher code in the dedicated field during the ordering process. Vouchers can only be used prior to purchasing a Rail Pass directly with Eurail through its Website. Voucher discounts cannot be collected on expired orders of Eurail.

6.3          Only one Voucher is accepted per order and a Voucher can be used only once. Vouchers cannot be converted into cash and may and cannot be sold to third parties.

6.4          Any specific conditions applicable to the Vouchers, the products for which the Vouchers can be used, and their validity and value will be specified on each Voucher issued by Eurail. Eurail reserves the right to change the conditions of use for Vouchers at any time. 


7.1          Eurail offers Customers who have a personal account for the website, a service to make Reservations for a large number of European trains. Depending on the train and Railway Company, the reservations can be booked as Paper Reservation Tickets or Electronic Reservation Tickets.

7.2          Any details provided by the Customer during the reservation process are used to make the Reservation(s) and to provide the Customer with the Reservation Tickets. The Customer is responsible for the completeness and accuracy of this personal information and for selecting the correct travel itinerary and time for which the Customers wishes to make a Reservation.

7.3          Reservations details cannot be changed after the order has been made by the Customer. After receiving the order or request, Eurail is not able to amend the Reservation. 

7.4          After the Reservation has been booked and payment has been received, the Reservation Ticket shall be delivered to the Customer. Article 8 applies.

7.5     Reservations purchased making use of a Eurail Pass are linked to a specific pass holder, and they are only valid if exhibited in combination with the relevant pass and proof of identity of the pass holder.


8.1 Mobile Pass

8.1.1     A link to retrieve a mobile Pass will be sent to the email address associated with the Customer’s personal account. Please follow this link to get started, or follow these steps:

  • Open the Rail Planner app and go to My Pass. Tap 'Add your Pass' to get started.
  • Enter the surname and Pass number as found in the confirmation email.
  • Once the mobile Pass is loaded on a device, the mobile Pass can be accessed via My Pass.


8.1.2     If confirmation of the order (containing the retrieval link) of a mobile Pass is not received on the email address indicated by the Customer within 24 hours, the Customer should contact the Customer Service. Customers are kindly requested to check the spam/promotional folders of their email inboxes before contacting Customer Service. Customer Service will verify the details of the order in the system and provide the Customer with further instructions on how to retrieve the mobile Pass.


8.2 Paper Pass

8.2.1         Paper Passes and physical (paper) Reservation Tickets will be delivered to the (shipping) address indicated by the Customer in their order. All non-physical Reservation Tickets (e-tickets) will be sent to the email address associated with the Customer’s personal account. Such e-tickets will also be saved in the Customer’s personal account. 

8.2.2          The customer will receive an estimated delivery date at the time of purchasing the pass, based on the shipping address indicated. The delivery times of a paper Pass communicated by Eurail are to be understood as indicative. Eurail does everything reasonably possible to arrange delivery on time. However, Eurail cannot give any guarantees in that regard. Eurail is not liable for delays and the consequences thereof if the delivery time is indicative. If the stated delivery time is a strict deadline, the above does not apply and Eurail is obliged to deliver within the stated period, provided that the Customer has provided correct information and is able to take receipt of the order.

8.2.3          If the order of a paper Pass is not received on an indicative delivery date, the Customer may contact the Customer Service, in order to enquire about the progress of the delivery. If a strict non-indicative delivery date has been agreed upon, the Customer should contact the Customer Service immediately if the order is not delivered on time. Eurail will then provide a solution in consultation with the Customer. The Customer may furthermore explore the options presented in Article 8.2.5. 

8.2.4          Eurail advises the Customer to inspect the order immediately upon receipt of the Pass package. If the order is incomplete, information on the Rail Pass or Reservation Tickets is incorrect, the Customer is advised to contact the Customer Service as soon as possible.

8.2.5          If a paper Pass is not delivered on time, the Customer may - when covered by the applicable refund policy - exchange the Rail Pass for a new Pass through the Website or purchase a new Rail Pass at one of the major European railway stations and then apply for a refund for the original Pass that was bought at Eurail. For more information on refunds and exchanges, please see our Refund & Exchange policy.

8.2.6          If the delivery method of a paper Pass allows for online order tracking, the Customer will receive the tracking data in the email confirming dispatch. It is the responsibility of the Customer to check the tracking data periodically to see if there are any problems with the delivery, and act accordingly.

8.2.7          Eurail does not bear responsibility for the completeness of the Pass package, after the Customer has signed for its receipt.

8.2.8          Eurail is never liable for loss, late delivery, or any other type of damage to the paper Pass package, if this is attributable to the actions of the Customer. This is the case if the Customer does not take receipt of the package or, for example, provided incorrect information in the ordering process.


9.1          Complaints regarding Eurail’s service, the Website and the execution of orders through the Website can be addressed to the Customer Service. The customer service department handles all communications and/or requests for a refund on behalf of the management of Eurail. The customer service department strives to respond to the Customer within two working days.

9.2          If Eurail is not able to send a substantive reply within the aforementioned period, the Customer shall be informed of such within the aforementioned period with an indication regarding when a reply may be expected. If the Customer is not satisfied with the way its complaint is handled, the Customer may submit the complaint to the European ODR Platform which can be found at, provided that the Customer entered into the Agreement as a consumer. 

9.3          Complaints regarding the Rail Pass, the Reservation or the train journey, such as the operation of the Rail Pass, train quality, railway personnel (including seizure of Rail Passes), strikes or availability of seat reservations, should be addressed to Customer Service (as soon as possible or within 1 month after date of travel). 


10.1          The Customer understands that Eurail acts merely as an intermediary in the sale of Rail Passes and Reservations between the customer and the participating railway companies. Therefore, Eurail cannot be held liable in any way for any damages resulting from the operation of the carriers, the provided carriage or for damages or extra costs incurred due to loss of baggage, theft, force majeure or other causes.

10.2          Eurail is not responsible or liable for any loss (consequential loss or otherwise); any damage (including, but not limited to, loss of or damage to clothing, luggage or property of passengers); death, injury, delay, inconvenience or disturbance caused by, arising from or in connection with any defect to a train, vehicle or other means of transport by land or sea that is used or rented or travelled by; or due to negligence, willful misconduct, strikes or other acts, omissions or negligence by any Railway Company or other provider of goods and services. After all, Eurail is not a party to the agreement between the Customer and the Railway Company.

10.3          The Website may contain links to websites of third parties, through plugins or otherwise. Eurail does not guarantee the proper functioning of these links. Eurail has no control over these websites and does not accept any liability for the consequences of using and/or visiting these websites.

10.4          Eurail has the right to take the Website temporarily out of service or limit its use, for example for maintenance or to make adjustments to the Website. This will never give rise to any entitlement to compensation. 

10.5          Should there nevertheless be any liability resulting from the Agreement or otherwise, for any damages, then Eurail’s liability will be limited to an amount not exceeding the purchase price of the Rail Pass or Reservation to which the damage relates, as purchased by and in the name of the Customer.

10.6          The limitations of liability for damage, as contained in these General Conditions, shall not apply if the damage is due to an intentional act or gross negligence on the part of Eurail.


11.1          These General Conditions and any Agreements between the Customer and Eurail are governed by Dutch law and the competent court is the District Court for Central Netherlands (The Netherlands), unless mandatory law dictates otherwise.

11.2          In case of a dispute about the General Conditions and the translations thereof, the English text prevails over the other translations, provided that the English version has been provided to and can be understood by the Customer.


12.1          Travelling with a Rail Pass is subject to the Conditions of Use issued by Eurail, as well as in addition the rules and regulations issued by the relevant Railway Companies. The Railway Companies’ regulations, may also stipulate that it is mandatory to make a Reservation for certain trains in some countries. An overview of the terms & conditions of the Railway Company can be found on the website of the respective operating carrier.

12.2          A Rail Pass must be activated before it can be used and is strictly personal, non-transferable, and valid only upon presentation of a passport or legal equivalent. Copies, screen prints and screen recordings are not accepted. Those who travel with a Rail Pass without a passport or a legal equivalent may be subjected to the payment of a full-fare ticket and a certain fine, subject to the rules of the relevant Railway Company. 

12.3          A Reservation Ticket can only be used on the date and time specified on the Reservation Ticket and is only valid while traveling with a valid activated Rail Pass. It is the responsibility of the Customer to be in possession of a valid and activated Rail Pass on this date.

12.4          A  Reservation ticket purchased by a pass holder can only be used by said pass holder.

12.5      Railway personnel are always entitled to ask the Customer for an identity document. It is the responsibility of the Customer to provide a valid identity document. Such document is considered to be a passport or legal equivalent.  

12.6          The Customer is responsible to ensure that they are in possession of all necessary travel documents and visas.


13.1          Refunds and exchanges of Rail Passes or Reservations are regulated by the Refund & Exchange Policy.


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