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Planning guide

From starting your journey to planning your next


Plan your trip across Europe. Interrail makes planning train journeys between European cities simple. Use the infographic below and click on each step to help you plan your Europe trip.

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Flexible Planning


You can buy an Interrail Global Pass up to 11 months before you travel. All you need to know is when you want to travel to get transportation checked off your list. It might even be the motivation you need to plan out other aspects of your trip.

Flexible Travel


If you're travelling with an Interrail Global Pass, you can change things up at a moment's notice and take a different route if you like. Maybe you know you want to travel through Europe, but you don't know where yet or you want to be able to choose as you go. The Interrail Global Pass has you covered.

Flexible Exchanges and Cancellations


Sometimes, situations outside our control can get in the way of our travels. That's why Interrail has flexible exchange and return policies that let you book with confidence.


Rail Planner app

Look up train times any place, any time with the ultimate eurotrip planner! The Rail Planner app is free to use, works offline and features a European rail timetable. Get the app on iPhone and Android.


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