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Can I avoid seat reservations?


It's good to remember that most European trains don't need a reservation at all. You can keep the costs of your trip down by travelling with regional trains, which will take you to every corner of Europe. Regional trains are a good alternative for fully booked high-speed and night trains.


Find trains that don't require reservations


It is possible to avoid seat reservations by travelling on regional trains. For some routes this may not be possible, like from Great Britain to Belgium. This route is only serviced by Eurostar, a high-speed train that requires a seat reservation. 


To find routes without seat reservations you can use our Rail Planner app on any mobile device. Make sure to tick the 'No reservation needed' box when searching for trains.

How to avoid reservations on French trains


Many French trains need to be reserved in advance, and seats can be limited at times. Make your train trips in France comfortable and reserve your seats before the journey even begins!

Read more about Reservations in France.


Get help from the Interrail Community


Struggling to plan your journey? Ask other Interrailers for help with your route in our Interrail Community – you might be surprised!