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Scandinavia in Summer


Scandinavia in summer is something special. The days become effortlessly long, much of the snow melts, icy lakes thaw, and the countryside springs to life. Here are some summer destinations to include in your rail itinerary.

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Places visited on this trip:


1. Copenhagen, Denmark

2. Skinnskatteberg, Sweden

3. Bergen to Oslo, Norway

4. Roskilde, Denmark

5. Balestrand, Norway

6. Stockholm, Sweden


For this itinerary, we recommend:

  • Interrail Pass: Global Pass
  • Travel days: 5 days within 1 month

1. Copenhagen, Denmark: Amager Strandpark


Why go?

There are few better places to spend a summer’s day in Denmark than at Amager Beach Park. The artificial island has nearly two and a half miles of beaches. During summer months it bustles with sunbathers, swimmers and other adventure seekers.


How to get there

Copenhagen is easy to reach by rail, with regular connections from within Denmark and throughout Scandinavia. Amager Beach Park is a short metro ride from Copenhagen central station.


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2. Skinnskatteberg, Sweden: wildlife safari


Why go?

Scandinavia is surprisingly well populated with an array of wildlife. You’ll find moose, bears and even wolverines within a short train or bus ride from several main centres. Book a night in an eco-lodge in Skinnskatteberg and you’ll be immersed in nature.

How to get there

Skinnskatteberg is 2.5 hours away from Stockholm by train.

3. Bergen to Oslo, Norway: Scenic train ride


Why go?

The scenic train ride between Bergen and Oslo serves up incredible views at an alarmingly high altitude. You'll pass Finse, which at 4,000 feet is the highest railway station in Norway. It gets you up close to the famous Hardangerjøkulen glacier.

How to get there

The Bergen Railway route takes approximately 6.5 hours, with Finse 2 hours away from Bergen. There are regular daily connections during the summer.

4. Roskilde, Denmark: Roskilde Music Festival


Why go?

Scandinavia in summer means good festivals. But the granddaddy of them all is Roskilde. It’s a multi-day open-air festival that attracts some of the biggest musical acts in the world. This year it rocks from the 29th of June to the 7th of July.

How to get there

Roskilde is just 20 - 30 minutes away from Copenhagen by train, and there are regular connections throughout the day.

5. Balestrand, Norway: Hiking up the mountains


Why go?

A hike in Balestrand may require some physical exertion, but the views of unspoilt fjords, mountains and glaciers are well worth the effort. You’ll also experience small Norwegian towns and breathe in copious lungfuls of fresh summer air.

How to get there

If you're departing from Oslo, take a train to Myrdal and then connect to Flåm (approximately 6 hours). There's a 1.5-hour ferry that runs twice daily to Balestrand.


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6. Stockholm, Sweden: the Stockholm archipelago


Why go?

Stockholm has a vast network of islands that are unbelievable summer destinations. The archipelago offers the ultimate adventure playground for anyone looking to swim, kayak, sail or take a long, beautiful hike. It's a perfect day trip from the capital.

How to get there

Ferries serve about 100 islands which are within easy reach of Stockholm.

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