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Travelling in autumn


Travelling in autumn is extra special: there are smaller crowds, lower prices, and the colours are just fantastic! But if you usually holiday in summer you may be wondering how to prepare... What should you take with you? Will everything be open? Just check out our tips below to find out everything you need to get ready for an amazing autumn trip.

Where to go

Before any planning can happen, you have to find out where you want to go! We've got plenty of suggested itineraries to inspire you and help you to plan your perfect autumn trip. There's lots to discover when the temperatures go down and the crowds get smaller!


There may be trains on your route that require mandatory reservations. Check the timetable in the Rail Planner app to find out if this is the case for your trip and book your reservations well in advance.

Travel info

Almost all countries allow domestic and international travel again, but each country has their own rules. Ensure you know any restrictions or rules in the country or countries you want to travel in.

Travelling in autumn


Travelling around Europe in autumn is not quite the same as travelling in summer. There are many benefits like smaller crowds and lower prices, but you also have to keep in mind that the days can be a bit wetter and colder. Nothing you can't handle or prepare for, though! Remember these tips, and your autumn trip is bound to be a success.


The dress code

Dress in layers

Autumn is the season of fast-changing weather; from amazing sunshine to clouds and a bit of rain in just 10 minutes is not unheard of! Dressing in layers or bringing an (extra) sweater when you go out will allow you to add a layer if it's cooling off a bit or take off a layer if the temperature starts rising. 


Bring a raincoat or poncho...

As we mentioned before, it could start raining almost anywhere in Europe at any time of the day during the autumn months. It's best to bring a raincoat or a poncho with you, ready to fling on when you feel those first drops hitting your forehead. Also, you will want to keep the things in your daypack nice and dry, so bring a backpack rain cover or any other waterproof bag.


...and some waterproof shoes

Clothing is important, but have you ever had wet (or cold) feet while out and about? It's not fun, we can tell you that! So just as important as wearing layers and a good raincoat is a proper pair of waterproof (and warm) shoes. 


Activity planning

Travelling in autumn isn't that different compared to travelling in summer - it's still amazing and lots of fun! But it's possible the weather may not be as cooperative as it is in summer. There could be days you look outside, and you'd rather dive back into your bed...


But not to worry! Every city has great things to do inside. Before you go on your trip, we recommend finding a couple of indoor activities per destination so you have a backup plan for when the weather is not too great.


Our favourite indoor activities:
  • Visiting a museum
  • Going for a high-tea or brunch
  • Beer or wine tasting
  • Singing along to your favourite artist at a concert
  • Seeing a musical or theatre play
  • Or other fun things like indoor mini golf and escape rooms
Ready to start planning?

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