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Europe in Full Colour

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A new season brings a new start. This autumn is your chance to see a different side of Europe, with fewer crowds, more space and many real colours. And you can do it with your Pass and plans all in one place on your phone! So get planning with our autumn content, then feast your eyes on Europe's spectrum of colours with your Pass at your fingertips. 


Activities for rainy days

European weather can be unpredictable: one minute, the sun might be shining, and the next, you’ll be skipping over puddles looking desperately for cover. The good news is, when rain hits Europe, there’s always something to keep you busy. Here are some travel activities for rainy days during your Interrail trip.


Little restaurants in big cities

Local businesses need us now, more than ever, to survive - even those in the typically touristic cities of Europe. You can do your bit for the local economy while enjoying an unforgettable meal at these 12 little restaurants from Spotted by Locals in Madrid, Rome and Paris.

The Interrail mobile Pass

Are you ready to travel paper-free across 33 European countries? You can leave your pen at home when you travel with the new Interrail mobile Global Pass, which combines your Pass, plans and Travel Diary on the Rail Planner app.


The colours of Europe

From relaxing blue to energetic yellow shades, Europe has it all, and autumn is the perfect time to see it. Whether you're by the sea, up in the mountains, or in a city centre, you will always end up being captivated by Europe's colour spectrum. Find out where to discover each colour in our vibrant guide.


Travelling in autumn

The beautiful colours, less crowded cities and sights, lower prices... travelling in the autumn months is great! Check out our tips, tricks and travel guidelines to make the most of your Interrail Pass trip.


Luxembourg, like a local

Luxembourg City is one of Europe's smallest capitals, but that doesn't mean there's nothing to do! It has lots of green areas and beautiful historical buildings. Our friends from Visit Luxembourg have put together a great list of amazing tips for your trip to the Grand Duchy.