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Find the hidden beauty around you

Insider tips from the home countries of Eurail colleagues


In such unprecedented times it can take only one walk in the neighbourhood to cheer you up and give you the ultimate boost for the day. Some of our lovely colleagues from Eurail have suggested their favourite local treasures from their neighbourhoods all around Europe. If you're lucky enough to live nearby, then these places could help you find some peace while keeping your social distance. Otherwise, let them inspire you to find the hidden beauty around you, wherever you are.

Before you go out


We realise that in some countries freedom of movement has been reduced at the moment. Always keep your safety and your government’s policy in mind when you’re planning on going outside for fresh air. Stay safe!

The town of Lovech in Bulgaria by Martin

Near Lovech, a town in central Bulgaria, there are two very unique and beautiful natural phenomenons - the Devetashka cave and the Krushuna waterfalls. They're very close to each other and conveniently close to a small train station. Ideal for a day trip, with some hiking on the way as well.


Location: Lovech, Bulgaria

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Glastonbury Tor by Clare

You can see for miles from the top and it's a great place to just sit and think. The town of Glastonbury is also very interesting with lots of boutique and unique shops (candles, tie-die clothes, etc.), and there is also a designer outlet village down the road. However, it's probably good to avoid the area 1 weekend per year, when the Glastonbury Festival is taking place.


Location: Glastonbury, Somerset, England 

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Hidden gems in Dublin by Tom

I will cheat a little bit by mentioning 2 places. The first one is Iveagh Gardens, a public park right in the city centre of Dublin. It is really tucked away between the buildings so you do not find it unless you know where to look. It is amazingly peaceful and has a beautiful waterfall with stones from each of Ireland’s 32 counties.


The second is Poolbeg Lighthouse, at the end of the South Bull Seawall in Dublin Bay. It's a really nice location for a stroll on a clear day, to feel the wind in your face.


Location: Dublin, Ireland

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Castle Haarzuilens by Dennis

Haarzuilens is sort of in our backyard. Castle The Haar and the castle gardens are pretty and the small village of Haarzuilens is great to visit. Not as nice now though, because the restaurants are closed, but that problem is easy to solve: bring some food and drinks and explore the Haarzuilens estate by foot or bike.


Location: Haarzuilens, Utrecht, The Netherlands

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The lake town of Dervio by Silvia

During hot summer weekends, my closest escape from Milan is called Dervio, a little corner of paradise standing on a point extended on “the right bank” of Lake Como. You can wander in the ancient cobbled streets and the stairs carved into the rock, and visit the church dedicated to St Thomas of Canterbury. Then go down to the lake and you will be in front of a neoclassical dock.


The mountains surrounding Dervio offer plenty of opportunity to take bike excursions and walks. The weather is perfect, cooled by the wind Breva which makes Dervio ideal for water sports, sailing, kitesurfing and windsurfing…uhmmm, not for me...I usually lay down on the grass enjoying the sun. For lunch I eat the typical local dish: Risotto col pesce persico - Rice with perch.


Location: Dervio, Lecco, Italy

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Derbyshire’s Peak District by Sarah

Near where I’m from in Derbyshire’s Peak District, sits ‘Mam Tor’ (or ‘mother hill’), from where you can see incredible vistas of Edale Valley and the dry gorges of the national park. The shots below were taken in March a couple of years back, perfect sledging material up on the Tor!


Location: Peak District National Park, Derbyshire, England

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Amelisweerd Estate by Nienke

Just a bike ride or kayak trip away from Utrecht city centre is the estate of Amelisweerd. Walk in the beautiful forest, visit the fortresses Fort Vechten and Fort Rhijnauwen, enjoy some lovely cakes at the Veldkeuken (all of the food is produced locally) or have pancakes at Theehuis Rhijnauwen.


Insider tip for summer: swimming in the Kromme Rijn river and jumping from the small bridge near the Veldkeuken, splashing the kayakers when they paddle by. Even now, with the cafes closed, you can still go there for walking and kayaking!


Location: Amelisweerd, Bunnik, The Netherlands

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