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Europe from home

Let your curiosity wander.


Despite what is happening across the globe, we are still curious to discover new places, different cultures and exciting experiences. While we can't get out there and see it for ourselves right now, we feed our wanderlust by reading beautiful books, we let movies take us on a ride to different places and we daydream about hopping on a train again in the future. Will you join us? Let your curiosity wander, even while your feet cannot.



Spain and Portugal itinerary


From Galicia to Norte, the Algarve to Andalusia, this itinerary will show you the best of Portugal and the south of Spain, all in one trip! Escape the crowds of Barcelona and Madrid to uncover everything that the Iberian countries have to offer.



European beaches off the tourist radar


With summer approaching and temperatures rising, it is becoming more and more tempting to dream of heading to a pristine beach and enjoying the sunshine. While this may not be possible yet, you can still let your curiousity wander and admire the beautiful blue horizons from home by letting us show you 7 lesser-known beaches all around Europe.



Top 10: Europe off the beaten track


We all know the major destinations of Europe, like London, Paris and Prague. But Europe is much more than that, with diverse towns, villages, mountains and beaches to discover. Check out our top 10 destinations away from the tourist circuits and you are sure to find inspiration for a socially-distanced trip of the future.


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In the Nordic neighbourhoods


You may think that the outdoor treasures of the Nordic countries are to be found in their countryside and wilderness. However, our partner Spotted by Locals shows that there are plenty of surprises to be explored outdoors in the big cities. Let yourself get lost in Stockholm, Oslo, Helsinki and more, and get some inspiration for your own neighbourhood.


A hike to remember 


Sometimes enjoying the nice breeze from your balcony is simply not enough to replace the feeling of standing on the top of a mountain. Instead, you can take a virtual stroll on Europe's most beautiful hiking routes and start getting your hiking boots and backpack ready for when the time is right.


European cuisine from home


Get that European feeling at home by cooking some of the best dishes the continent has to offer. Make some classic tiramisu from an authentic Italian recipe, or cook up some amazing, hearty banitsa that tastes like it comes all the way from Bulgaria. 


The ultimate foodie itinerary


Europe is home to some of the world's culinary superstars - France, Italy and Spain. But how can you enjoy all of their unique dishes in one trip? Find out in this ultimate food tour of Europe, which will satisfy your wanderlust and provide you with home kitchen inspiration, until you can take your stomach and tastebuds there for real.


Scenic Europe


In Europe we're quite lucky to have lots of breathtaking nature. From the fjords of Norway, to the forests of Germany. This itinerary will transport you there, giving you a spectacular change of scenery without leaving the comfort of your home.


The best food markets in Europe


Let's be real... food is one of the main reasons we travel. Period. A trip is not complete when there's no local food involved. And drinks. And desserts. So, to prepare you for your future travels, here are 9 food markets that deserve a spot in your itinerary. Maybe you'll pick up some home cooking inspiration too!


Insider tips from Eurail colleagues


Sometimes you just need to escape it all for an hour. Walk or cycle through green fields, enjoy some hidden waterfalls or stroll through the forest. These days those spots are slightly closer to home. This is where we go to relax and empty our minds. 


Our favourite stories


Now that we're all trying to flatten the curve, we have to find other ways to satisfy our cravings for travel. Check out our recommendations for some great books and movies that will take you to amazing places inside your own home.


Coping with quarantine


The Eurail team have also had to adjust: all of us have been working from home for 3 weeks now, with at least 3 more to go. We've asked some of our lovely colleagues to explain how they manage the situation and what they do to keep sane.


European trips to dream of...


We're all doing our part to stop the virus from spreading by staying at home, but that doesn't mean you can't fill your soul with wanderlust for all the beautiful places in Europe. Check out our favourite itineraries and dream away to future rail adventures from your comfy couch.

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