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Europe's breathtaking scenery

Let your curiousity wander the beautiful nature from north to south


Are you longing for a big, big dose of Europe's most beautiful nature? We know we are! Travelling by train from the north to south of Europe is the ultimate scenic journey. It will take you all the way from northern Norway to the mountains of Austria and Switzerland, with plenty of enchanting scenery in between. Read along with us and let your curiosity wander, so you are prepared to see it for real when the time is right.

Bodø to Trondheim (Norway)

Norway is a nature-lover's paradise! The fjords and mountains all over the country make for beautiful views and incredible hiking (make sure to pack your boots). In certain seasons you might even be able to spot the northern lights! We're starting at the northern point of Norway's railways, taking in all that natural beauty, before we start making our way down to the south.

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Bergen to Oslo (Norway)

The Bergen - Oslo route in itself is already amazing, with unforgettable views over fjords, mountains and forests. But halfway through the journey to Oslo there is another route that you shouldn't miss: the Flåmsbana scenic train! It's one of the most beautiful train rides in Europe, bringing you from Myrdal to the town of Flåm and back. 

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Oslo (Norway) to Copenhagen (Denmark)

Okay, we admit this is not a super scenic train like the ones we mentioned before. However, it is the best way to get to Copenhagen, Denmark from Malmö, Sweden, and you'll pass over a pretty cool bridge on the way there! Enjoy this short ride before you dive in to Copenhagen city life.

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If you have the chance, stick around in Denmark for a while... It has a lot of natural beauty to offer. Discover the long beaches of Denmark's multiple coastlines and go walking in the beautiful forests. Alternatively, discover the interesting museums and city vibes of Copenhagen and Aarhus.

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Cologne to Mainz (Germany)

When in Germany, take the Rhine Valley Line! Travel from Cologne to Mainz (close to Frankfurt), but make sure to take the slow train, not the fast one. The slower train takes an hour longer, but it will take you through a beautiful landscape, past the river Rhine, with beautiful castles, small villages and the Lorelei Rock.

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Munich (Germany) to Innsbruck (Austria)

There are plenty of ways to travel south from Germany, but we can recommend you to take the scenic train from Munich to Innsbruck. This train crosses the border to Austria at the quaint village of Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Again this train takes slightly longer than the faster train, but trust us, the scenery is worth it.

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Innsbruck to Bludenz, the Arlberg Line (Austria)

This spectacular line brings you all the way from Innsbruck to the west of Austria. Prepare for amazing views of valleys, snow-capped mountains and even a beautiful castle on the way. Honestly, this is the best way to travel to the border with Switzerland.

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Chur (Switzerland) to Tirano (Italy), the Bernina Express

Going out with a bang... Switzerland is a country with natural beauty aplenty and luckily also a fantastic rail system! Hop on one of the many scenic trains like the Bernina Express, one of the most popular trains in the country. It takes you to Italy, but of course you can hop off at any stop you want. And then take another train, to another gorgeous destination in Europe!

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More natural beauty

Could you use some more inspiration? Well, don't fret, we've got you covered! Naturally there are many more beautiful train rides to be found in Europe. We've got a nice list set up for you!

Hop on the train from home

Did you know that you can experience a lot of these beautiful train rides from home? On YouTube you can find a lot of videos showing the complete ride, often even from the point of view of the driver. So, hook your computer up to your TV, play the video on the best quality possible, and enjoy the ride!


Discover more of Europe: we've got plenty of content to keep you curious and inspired!