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See the best of Prague and get Local tips

The capital of the Czech Republic should definitely be on your itinerary if you're going to go Interrailing! It's a great city for wanderers with it's picturesque streets and alleys, and gorgeous views over tons of orange rooftops. Are you more of a food inspired traveller? Dive into the culinary scene, with hearty foods, great sweets and pastries and of course the delicious beers. 


Top attractions
Prague City Guide
Prague Castle

One of the most famous sights of Prague has to be Prague Castle, with the beautiful Old Royal Palace, St. Vitus Cathedral, St. George's Basilica, the Golden Lane and more. 


There are multiple tickets available that will give you access to different selections of buildings and sights inside the complex. The most expensive ticket is around €14. If you're a student or are travelling with your family, you can get a discount, so bring your ID.

The Astronomical Clock Tower and Old Town Square

When walking through the old centre of Prague it's hard to miss this spot: the Old Town Square! On the square you'll find a lot of beautiful buildings, with the main sights being the Astronomical Clock Tower, The old Town Hall and the (towers of the) Týn Church


In December you can find a great Christmas market on this square, with delicious foods, gift-buying and lot and lots of lights. 

The Charles Bridge

The Charles Bridge, or Karlův Most, is the most famous bridge in Prague that stands over the Vltava. If you want to see it empty, make sure to set your alarm as early as possible, because it will quickly fill up with musicians, artists and tourists. 


It's a great way to get to the other side of the city and to enjoy the views from the bridge. However, for even better views you should take another bridge so that you can see the Charles Bridge and the scenery behind it. Or even look at it from above, from Letna Hill!

The John Lennon Wall

If you're looking for that perfect Instagram picture spot, the John Lennon Wall is the place to go! Since the 1980's it has been filled up with colourful art and quotes inspired by the Beatles. The wall is always evolving, with people adding more graffiti every day.


To get that perfect picture you'll probably need to be patient, since it's one of the most popular sights in Prague. Find an image or quote you like and go for it. 

Petrín Park

Seeing Prague from above is an absolute must! You'll have a few places to choose from, but going to Petrín gives you a great angle over the old city centre and Prague Castle. A fun way to get to the top is with the funicular, but of course you can also walk.


Want to go even higher? Climb the Petrín Tower to really get a gorgeous bird's-eye view! The tower, which is loosely based on the Eiffel Tower, is 63,5 metres tall and it has 299 steps to the top. 


The beauty of Prague from above

Prague has many viewing points. The first one worth mentioning is on Letna Hill, from here you have a great view of all the bridges. On the same side of the river, you find the Petrín Hill with the Petrín Tower, with beautiful views of the old centre and the castle. And last but not least: the Klementinum! Climb all the way up in the tower, and look over the colourful orange rooftops. Amazing!


The best of Czech Food

The Czech Republic is known for the more hearty dishes and a must-try is Knedlík, also called bread dumplings, usually partnered with a meat stew. There's also no shortage in options for dessert. One you'll see everywhere is the Trdelník, also known as the chimney cake. Fill it up with ice cream or fruits and you're good to go.


Getting there by train

Prague is very well connected to the rest of the country and surrounding countries. Popular destinations to go to from Prague include Berlin, Budapest and Vienna. All these trains leave from Hlavni Nadrazi (Prague central station), which is well connected by metro and bus. 


You can find all trains to and from Prague in the Interrail timetable

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Flights and public transport

When flying into Prague, you'll arrive at Vaclav Havel Airport Prague. The airport is quite close to the city centre of Prague - it takes around 30 minutes by bus. The Airport Express (AE) buses depart in front of terminal 1 and drop you off at Prague central train station (Praha Hlavni Nadrazi). Tickets cost 60 CZK (Czech Koruna) for adults and half for children.

Public transport

Prague has an extensive system of buses, trams and metros that take you pretty much everywhere you need to go. You can transfer between all modes of transport with just one ticket (valid for 30 or 90 minutes). There are also tickets available that are valid for multiple days.