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City Guides

European cities are remarkable, and sometimes incredible. They are old, and sometimes ancient. They have a million grand sights to display, and even more hidden places to discover. Let our city guides tell you everything you need (and want) to know about some of Europe's most amazing cities.


  • amsterdam masthead
    Amsterdam The city of Amsterdam has one the best sceneries in Europe with the golden age canals, windmills, museums, and popular attractions. With the Interrail Pass, you can travel across Europe and experience the best of Amsterdam.
  • Barcelona cityguide masthead
    Barcelona Looking for a city with a Mediterranean weather? Beautiful historic architecture and vibrant food scene? Barcelona has almost everything a dream city has to offer. Explore the city of Barcelona by train with an Interrail Pass. Book your train pass now!
  • Travel light berlin
    Berlin The city of Berlin is a train travel wonderland mixed with history, culture and extraordinary landmarks. With the Interrail Pass, you can travel to the city of Berlin by train and see what Berlin has to offer. Don't miss out! Book your train ticket now #interrailberlin
  • masthead-hungary-budapest-sunny-day-city-panorama
    Budapest Visit Budapest by train and see the vibrant colours of the city and its architecture with our Interrail Pass.
  • scotland-edinburgh-calton-hill-masthead
    Edinburgh Go one stop further than London and visit Scotland's capital with your Interrail Pass. Discover its top attractions and gain local tips in our City Guide.
  • Florence masthead 2
    Florence The city of Florence has one of the most artistic treasures in Europe. From the Cathedrals to the art galleries and the food. Florence has everything a train traveller wants in a trip across Europe.
  • Masthead Paris page
    Paris Still known as the city of romance for lovers and adventurers, Paris is a one-stop destination for the train travellers in Europe. With an Interrail Pass, you can see the best places Paris has to offer and get local tips from fellow train travellers across Europe.
  • czech-republic-prague-castle-view-from-river
    Prague With our Interrail Pass, you can see the beauties of Prague and enjoy the most authentic traditional cuisines the city has to offer.
  • sweden-stockholm-panorama-sunny-day
    Stockholm Fall in love with Europe again by visiting the city of Stockholm by train. Feed your love of adventure with an Interrail Pass and see the fairy tale city of Stockholm.