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1 week in Europe

Routes and itineraries

Swiss Sense


Discover Switzerland by train with this picturesque itinerary.


  • Includes Zurich, Lucerne, Interlaken, Bern and Geneva
  • Travel time: 7 days or longer

La Bella Italia


Take this classical trip through Italy to see its most important landmarks.


  • Includes Rome, Florence, Venice and Verona
  • Travel time: 6 days or longer

Dutch Delights


Go beyond Amsterdam with this relaxing rail trip through the Netherlands.


  • Includes Amsterdam, Groningen, Utrecht, Rotterdam and Maastricht
  • Travel time: 7 days or longer

Europe by Night Train


Travel across Europe by night and save the daylight for exploring.


  • Includes Paris, Venice, Vienna, Berlin and Zürich
  • Travel time: 7 days or longer

Stunning Norway


Discover Norway's natural beauty and go all the way up to the Arctic Circle.


  • Includes Stavanger, Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim and Bodo
  • Travel time: 7 days or longer

Based in Tuscany


Take Florence as your base and explore famous cities in all directions.


  • Includes Florence, Milan, Venice, Pisa and Rome
  • Travel time: 7 days or longer


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