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Let your curiosity guide you forward


You've never been one to say no to a challenge. As a child, you dreamed of faraway places, wanting to explore as much of the world as you could. Now, it's time to make those dreams a reality. 


Curious, creative and compassionate, the Trailblazer loves to explore local gems in a responsible, respectful way. You enjoy a popular city as much as anyone else, but your interest leads you to discover hidden treasures and secret wonders. Your trips are always an adventure, from talking with locals, trying traditional gastronomy, and flying high with outdoor pursuits. 


You might not plan all of your trips, as you believe in letting the adventure take you to where you need to be. With our flexible Mobile Pass, eco-friendly transport and connections deep into the heart of Europe, it's time for your next Interrail trip. Whether you're planning a short break or an extended dive into Europe's beauty, we've got you covered.


Check out our suggested Trailblazer itineraries for the very best of Europe's hidden gems. If you discover any more along the way, don't forget to share them with us! 



Your recommended itinerary


With a mixture of unique culture, fun and outdoor adventures, this itinerary is for all the Trailblazers looking to head off the well-travelled road...



Food, glorious food


If you want to add a twist on your Interrail trip, why don't you follow your nose? Check out our Spain Foodie Itinerary to discover the delights of Spanish cuisine. 



Ultimate Interrail Bucket List


Looking to challenge yourself further with your European travels? Head over to The Ultimate Interrail Bucket List and see how many items you can add to your next trip! 


Which Pass should I get?

Global Pass


Travel by train across 33 European countries, exploring over 40,000 destinations by rail. 



One Country Pass


Explore one European country at your own pace, discovering both famous cities and hidden gems. 



10 cheapest cities in Europe 


If you want to save money, check out the cheapest cities in Europe for a fantastically affordable trip.



Top 5 overlooked destinations


Head off the tourist track to discover these often-neglected destinations, which shine just as brightly. You won't regret it!



Outdoor activities in Europe


There's no shortage of outdoor adventures in Europe, from paragliding and canyoning to climbing volcanoes and skiing. 


Not your personality?


Explore our other travel personalities to find your best fit. Whether you're an adventurer at heart or prefer to play it safe on your travels, there's something for everyone.