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There's nothing like a bit of organisation, right? When you travel, you like to have everything in order - otherwise, you won't relax when you get there. Train tickets, passports and accommodation are all arranged, ready for your adventure. 


As a Local Discoverer, you're well aware of your own needs and limits when travelling. Safety is paramount for you, whether at your destination, in your accommodation, or when travelling from place to place. You love visiting places for history, culture and natural beauty, but you're often disappointed by tourist traps. For you, it's much better to discover the real, authentic experience - following the footsteps of the locals, and experiencing different cultures with a fresh, exciting perspective. 


Your ideal Interrail trip would incorporate a mixture of well-known cities and some local alternatives, all of which you can explore in a safe, authentic way. Check out our suggested Safe Discoverer itinerary below for how to make the most of your experience, but the beauty of an Interrail trip is that it's all up to you. Travel when you want, how you want, and with as much organisation as you'd like. So, what are you waiting for? 



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From the vibrant cities of the north to the natural beauty of the south, we've planned a special trip across Europe for you. Check out your personalised itinerary for an amazing Interrail adventure.



La Bella Italia


Everyone loves Italy. With its spectacular landscapes, culture, and stunning heritage, this historical gem has so much to explore. Check out this easy itinerary to see all the sights on your Interrail trip!




Iconic cities


Not sure where to start on your European adventure? Discover our iconic cities itinerary to hit all those bucket list destinations. 





Which Pass should I get?

Global Pass


Travel by train across 33 European countries, exploring over 40,000 destinations by rail. 



One Country Pass


Explore one European country at your own pace, discovering both famous cities and hidden gems. 



Europe for nature-lovers


From mountains and beaches to forests and lakes, the diversity of Europe's nature is staggering. Discover the most beautiful spots for nature across the continent and how to access them by train. 



10 tips for first time travellers


About to head off on your first Interrail trip? Before you go, read our top 10 tips for European travel, helping you to have the adventure of a lifetime!



Plan your own trip


If you're planning your trip, let's get going! Read our advice on how to make the most out of your Interrail Pass.


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Explore our other travel personalities to find your best fit. Whether you're an adventurer at heart or prefer to play it safe on your travels, there's something for everyone.