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It's time to get out of your comfort zone


When it comes to a holiday, you know exactly what you want. The sun, the sea, and anywhere that lets you leave your worries behind. Maybe you have a favourite spot that you return to, year after year, where you can sit and rest in familiar surroundings. 


As a hard-working, focused individual, it's really important that your holiday is a break. Whether this is spending your precious days off with your toes in the sand, or getting that heart racing with some outdoor activities, your holiday needs to refresh and restimulate you for the year ahead. You love beauty in all your travel destinations - scenic landscapes, iconic cities - but sometimes there's nothing better than closing your eyes and hearing the waves crash against the shore.


This year, it's time to try something different. With flexible Passes, hundreds of destinations and easy travel, your Interrail trip can combine relaxation, adventure and excitement all in one. There's no need to plan much in advance - just buy your Pass, and you can decide on the day where and when you want to go.


Check out our suggested Interrail itineraries for easy adventures, quick trips and summer fun. Are you ready to break out of the routine?


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Ready for sun, sea and lots of fun? Check out our specialised itinerary for your travel personality.




1 week in the Netherlands


Want to stay in one country for your Interrail trip? Discover our one-week in the Netherlands itinerary for colour, charm and plenty of adventures. 



Iconic cities


Not sure where to start on your European adventure? Discover our iconic cities itinerary to hit all those bucket list destinations. 


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Global Pass


Travel by train across 33 European countries, exploring over 40,000 destinations by rail. 



One Country Pass


Explore one European country at your own pace, discovering famous cities and hidden gems. 



10 cheapest cities in Europe 


If you want to save money, check out the cheapest cities in Europe for a fantastically affordable trip.




10 tips for first-time travellers


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Outdoor activities in Europe


There's no shortage of outdoor adventures in Europe, from climbing volcanoes, walking across glaciers, and sailing through the sky. 


Not your personality?


Explore our other travel personalities to find your best fit. Whether you're an adventurer at heart or prefer to play it safe on your travels, there's something for everyone.