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In a digital world, travelling has never been easier. With your train tickets, itinerary, and camera on your phone, you've never felt more ready to take on Europe. Whether you're travelling with friends, family, or wanting to meet strangers abroad, your experience is characterised by the people you meet and the memories you make. And, of course, the photos you can share with your followers. 


Though your destinations might have been chosen by Instagram aesthetic, you're still culturally curious. Through talking to other travellers and locals, you enjoy discovering the best secrets of each city and the best places to find food. With your phone at hand, you're not afraid to get lost, and this is often how you have your most memorable adventures. 


Check out our suggested itineraries to inspire your next Interrail trip. Whether you'll be using the train, bus or other modes of transport to get around, we're confident that you'll find what you're looking for. We can't wait to see your best snaps, too!


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With aesthetic cities, stunning sights and plenty to explore, this itinerary will have you itching to travel immediately.



Instagrammable destinations


Ready to make all your followers jealous? Check out our Instagrammable Interrail itinerary for all the best photo locations and selfie spots.



Iconic cities


Not sure where to start on your European adventure? Discover our iconic cities itinerary to hit all those bucket list destinations. 


Which Pass should I get?

Global Pass


Travel by train across 33 European countries, exploring over 40,000 destinations by rail. 



One Country Pass


Explore one European country at your own pace, discovering famous cities and hidden gems. 



10 travel apps to download


You'd better have that portable charger ready, because your phone will certainly come in useful on your travels. Read our top 10 essential apps to download to make your European travels smoother and easier than ever. 



Food, friends and fun


Hungry for something more? Add a twist to your Interrail trip and discover local gastronomic delights with your travel buddies.



How to meet other travellers


Making friends with other travellers is part of the fun, right? Here are some of the best ways to meet people during your Interrail trip.


Not your personality?


Explore our other travel personalities to find your best fit. Whether you're an adventurer at heart or prefer to play it safe on your travels, there's something for everyone.