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Trains in Serbia


The rail network of Serbia connects the capital, Belgrade with the key towns and cities across the country. There are several routes connecting Serbia to it neighbouring countries.

Train types in Serbia

The trains in Serbia are run by the Serbian Railways (ZS). Check out their Railway map.

You can look up train times in the Interrail train timetable


Domestic Trains

Regional trains

  • Domestic trains within Serbia


Intercity ICS

  • Runs from Belgrade to Novi Sad and Subotica

International Trains

Express trains (EXP)

  • Various routes within Serbia

  • International route to Switzerland

EuroCity (EC)

  • International train between larger cities

  • Reservations are optional


Night trains

  • Reservations are required

You are allowed to take your bike on the train. You have to pay a fee of 100 Dinar (approximately €0,85) and place your bike in one of the designated bike spaces on the train. If the train doesn't have any special bike places, you can only take your bike if you can fold it and store it as a luggage item. Check the website of the Serbian Railways for more information.

Popular Connections in Serbia

How long does it take to travel between cities in Serbia? In the following table you can see the average journey times. 

Route Travel time
Belgrade to Nis
(Night train via Lapovo)
4h 10min
Belgrade to Novi Sad 1hr 30min
Belgrade to Subotica 3hr 50min
Route Which train? Travel time Reservations
Belgrade to Bar (Montenegro) Scenic day / night train 11 hours Required
Belgrade to Budapest (Hungary)* EuroCity 'Avala' 8hr 30min Optional
Belgrade to Sofia (Bulgaria) International train 9hr 40min Required
Belgrade to Vienna (Austria) EuroCity 'Avala' 12 hours Optional
Belgrade to Zurich (Switzerland) Night train 22hr 20min Required

* A section of the line is being upgraded, there are no direct trains between Belgrade and Budapest at the moment.


For more international trains travelling from Belgrade, check out the Serbian Railway website.

Reservations for trains in Serbia

Which trains in Serbia require reservations?

  • International Express trains (EXP): Approximately €3 (RZD 350 in local currency).

  • Intercity ICS: Approximately €4 (RZD 466 in local currency)

  • Night trains: Rates depend on destination and type of seat/bed booked.


See reservation costs for domestic trains


See reservation costs for international trains

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Tips and tricks for Serbia

Serbia main train station

The country's railway hub is in Belgrade:

  • Beograd Centar is the main station.

  • It has an international ticket office, open 24/7.

  • Trams and buses stop right in front of the station.

Spelling of names in Serbia

You will find city names written in Serbian at train stations and on timetables. The Serbians make use of the Cyrillic alphabet.


  • Belgrade = Beograd (written as Београд)

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