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Trains in Europe


Discover up to 33 European countries by train with an Interrail Pass. You can explore the length and breadth of Europe by choosing the type of train that best fit your adventure. Travel swiftly and comfortably by rail and enjoy train journeys which will take you from one fascinating European destination to the next (by day or by night).


High-speed trains

Travel by high-speed rail in Europe.

Discover Europe's fastest trains


Night trains

Cover large distances as you snooze away.

See where you could sleep


Scenic trains

Enjoy beautiful scenery on the go.

Explore scenic train routes


Regional trains

Meet the locals on board regional trains. 

Learn about regional trains



Crossing the sea to get to your next destination.

Learn about ferries


Included railway carriers

A list of railway carriers, discounted ferries, and public transport companies that are included in your Interrail Pass.


Learn about the carriers


Learn more about the railways per country

Read about the railways and different train types in each European country; just pick one from the list below.

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The Interrail Pass opens doors to 33 countries. You'll enjoy mind-blowing views from comfy trains. As you hop off along the way, experience Europe's rich culture and vibrant nightlife.


It's not surprising that so many people prefer to discover the continent by rail. Train journeys are part of the adventure. Order your Interrail Pass now and embark on the European travel experience you’ve been waiting for.