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Trains in Hungary


Budapest is the main railway hub of the Hungarian railway network, with three large stations. From Budapest a 7,606 km network radiates through the country with various connections to larger towns.


Train types in Hungary

If your Interrail Pass is valid in Hungary, you'll get access to Hungary's national railway company, MAV-START. You'll also get access to GySEV/Raaberbahn trains that operate in the country.

Map with main train connections in Hungary

Intercity trains in Hungary

  • Fast trains (regional or interregional): Reservations not required.

  • Regional trains: Reservations not required.

  • EuroCity (EC): Domestic travel; reservations are optional.

  • InterCity (IC): Domestic travel; reservations are required.

International trains

  • Railjet (RJ): International high speed trains; reservations are optional. 

Night trains

  • EuroNight (EC): Night trains; reservations are required.

Private railway companies

The private railway lines operated by the Austrian-Hungarian railway company GYSEV (known in Austria as Raaberbahn) can also be accessed with your Interrail Pass.

GYSEV operates a number of train routes, including:

  • Sopron to Ebenfurth (Austria)

  • Fertöszentmiklós to Neusiedl/See (Austria)


Popular connections

Route Regional Intercity (reservations)
Budapest to Debrecen 2:50 2:15
Budapest to Győr 1:50 1:05
Budapest to Pécs 4:00 
Budapest to Szeged 3:00 2:10
Route Which train? Travel time Reservations
Budapest to Bratislava (Slovakia) EuroCity 2:40 Optional
Budapest to Bucharest (Romania) EuroNight Ister 16:00 (overnight) Required
Budapest to Ljubljana (Slovenia) Fast train 9:05 Optional
Budapest to Munich (Germany) RailJet 6:55 Required
Budapest to Prague (Czech Republic) EuroCity 6:45 Optional
Budapest to Vienna (Austria) EuroCity / RailJet 2:40 Optional / Required
Budapest to Warsaw (Poland) EuroCity 9:45 Required
Budapest to Zagreb (Croatia) InterCity 6:20 Optional



Which trains in Hungary require reservations?

  • No reservations: Fast train, regional trains

  • Optional: EuroCity domestic trains

  • Compulsory: InterCity and EuroNight trains


How can I make reservations for trains in Hungary?

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Tips and tricks for Hungary


Budapest main train stations

Budapest is a train travel hub, with 3 main stations:

  • Keleti: Located in the east. The main international and intercity railway station in Budapest.

  • Nyugati: Located in the west.

  • Deli: Located in the south.


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