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Trains in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Bosnia-Herzegovina is one of Europe’s hidden treasures with some of the most beautiful railway lines passing through.  


Tip: From Sarajevo to Mostar and Ploče, trains follow the breathtaking Neretva river gorge. 


The two autonomous entities, the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Republika Srpska both have their own railway lines and operations.

Train types in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Currently, you can only use an Interrail paper Pass on ZRS trains in Bosnia-Herzegovina. We are working with ZRS to improve the customer experience and make sure our mobile Passes are accepted in the future.
Map with main train connections in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Two railway companies operate in different regions of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

ZFBH (Željeznice Federacije Bosne i Hercegovine)

ZRS (Željeznice Republike Srpske)

  • Operates in the Republika Srpska
  • Visit the ZRS website.
  • Operates on the lines:
    • Doboj – Banja Luka – Novi Grad – Dobrljin
    • Doboj – Petrovo Novo


Bikes are not allowed on trains in Bosnia-Herzegovina.


Popular connections

  • The most popular and scenic route is from the capital Sarajevo to Mostar, run by ZFBH.
  • Modern air-conditioned trains are used on the Sarajevo to Mostar (to Čapljina) route.
  • In the summer, these trains also continue to Ploče on the coast of Croatia.
  • Railways lines in operation:
    • Sarajevo – Mostar: 2 hours (ZFBH)
    • Sarajevo - Maglaj: 2.5 hours (ZFBH)
    • Doboj – Banja Luka: 2 hours (ZRS)
    • Banja Luka – Novi Grad: 2 hours (ZRS)
    • Doboj - Petrovo Novo: 45 minutes (ZRS)


  • During the summer season, Sarajevo – Mostar – Čapljina trains continue to Ploče in Croatia.
  • International connections to Zagreb (Croatia) and Budapest (Hungary) have been suspended for some years now due to construction works.



How to make reservations for trains in Bosnia-Herzegovina:


Trains in Bosnia-Herzegovina do not include seat reservations. You can board all trains and find your preferred seat.


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