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Scenic train routes

Train travel is more than a way of getting from A to B. There is so much to see from your train window! Shimmering lakes, snowcapped mountains, and coastal views. Europe abounds with picturesque routes that boast breathtaking scenery.


  • masthead-austria-lanz-village-panorama
    Arlbergline (Austria) Travel trough the heart of Tyrol via this romantic railway route. You can enjoy these impressive sites by train with an Interrail Pass!
  • norway-oslo-to-bergen-train-mountains-river
    Bergen Railway (Norway) The Bergen Railway runs between Bergen and Oslo and will show you some of Norway’s most spectacular scenery. Experience it with Interrail!
  • bernina_homepage_desktop
    Bernina Express (Switzerland) The Bernina Express is a breathtaking train ride through the snow-capped mountain scenery of Switzerland. See it all with Interrail!
  • germany-black-forest-line-masthead
    Black Forest Lines (Germany) Linking the upper Rhine valley with Lake Constance, this line gives access to stunning views and the impressive scenery of the Black Forest.
  • norway-flam-myrdal-railway-view-spring-masthead
    Flåm Railway (Norway) A scenic train journey in Norway that starts at Aurlandsfjord, a branch of the world's longest fjord, and ends at Myrdal station.
  • golden_pass_train_crossing_valley1
    Golden Pass (Switzerland) A scenic train which links you with Central Switzerland and Lake Geneva passing through vineyards and country estates.
  • masthead-sweden-lapland-panorama
    Inlandsbanan (Sweden) The Inlandsbanan shows the beautifull scenery of Sweden. From Värmland in the south to Lapland in the North. This scenic train runs in summer only.
  • norway-andalsnes-panorama
    Rauma Line (Norway) A scenic train ride in Norway over imposing bridges, through winding tunnels and past the tallest rock-face in Europe from Dombås to Åndalsnes on the coast.
  • masthead-germany-rhine-valley-village-panorama
    Rhine Valley Line (Germany) An Interrail Pass valid in Germany is valid on the Rhine Valley Scenic Train. It goes along the Rhine and through a valley. Read about routes & more!
  • masthead-austria-semmering-bahn-panorama
    Semmering Line (Austria) interrail Passes for Austria are valid on the Semmering line linking up the provinces of lower Austria and Styria. No supplement or reservation is required.

Train reservations for scenic trains

Some scenic trains require a reservation in advance; however, many do not. A number of scenic trains, such as the Bernina Express, have a special panoramic car, which usually requires a reservation.

Other trains in Europe

If you have a need for speed, or want to travel at night to save costs, we've got you covered.


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