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Swedish night trains

There’s no better way to travel the vast distances of Sweden than by the comfort of a night train. Swedish rail companies SJ and VY offer one of the most modern night train services in Europe. There’s a variety of sleeping options to suit all needs from 6-bed couchette cabins to a 1st class private compartment with private WC and shower. Why not go on a killer whale safari in the Norwegian town of Narvik, experience the northern lights in Kiruna or hit the slopes at Sweden’s largest ski resort in Åre. The adventure that awaits you is only a train ride away.


Domestic Swedish night train routes

SJ and VY operate night trains to travel directly to Sweden’s major cities such as Gothenburg, Östersund, Luleå, Stockholm and Malmö. For domestic Snälltåget trains, see here. Connections are available upon arrival to smaller popular towns such as Are, Kiruna, Narvik (Norway) and Sundsvall. All these domestic night trains have refreshment facilities offering hearty hot and cold meals, drinks, snacks and a full breakfast. You can also bring your own food along on this overnight journey. Bicycles are not permitted aboard domestic Swedish night trains due to safety regulations and skis are allowed but must be in a case.

Map with SJ night train routes

Domestic SJ night trains:

  • Gothenburg – Sundsvall – Östersund – Duved (D 74/D 75 and D 70/D 71)
  • Gothenburg – Sundsvall – Umeå (D 74/ D75)
  • Stockholm – Sundsvall – Östersund – Duved (D 70/D 71)
  • Stockholm – Sundsvall – Umeå (D 74/D 75 and D 77/D 71)
  • Malmö – Stockholm (D 1/D 2)

International SJ night trains:

  • Stockholm – Malmö – Copenhagen Airport – Hamburg – Berlin (EN 346/EN 345)

VY Sweden night trains:

  • Stockholm – Sundsvall – Umeå – Luleå (D 91/D 92)
  • Stockholm – Sundsvall – Umeå – Boden – Narvik (Norway)  (D 93/D 94)




Reservations on the SJ night trains are compulsory. We recommend you make your reservations as far in advance as possible.

How to make reservations for the SJ night train

Interrail reservation self-service system

Administration costs when booking through Interrail self-service

  • € 2,- p.p.per train
  • Additional € 9,- per order (for paper tickets)

With railway carriers

Locally at the train station in Sweden


Book reservations for Swedish trains through the SJ website

  • Please note: SJ needs a Pass Cover Number for reservations, that can be retrieved from the Pass Cover Number Generator page.
  • Enter your travel details under 'Search Journey' and click on 'Traveller'.
  • Next select the number of passengers and then click on 'Add SJ Prio/period ticket' for the first passenger.
  • Select 'Interrail or Eurailpass' from the SJ Prio/commuter ticket dropdown and enter your Pass cover number.
  • Repeat for all other passengers in your trip (if any).
  • Next, search for trains and select your preferred train.
  • Complete your purchase to book your reservation.


Reservation fees

  • Seat: 3 euros
  • 6-bed couchette: 20 euros p.p.
  • 3-bed sleeper: 40 euros p.p.
  • Double sleeper with private bathroom: 50 euros p.p.
  • Single sleeper with private bathroom: 75 euros

If you want an adventure on your next vacation, travel on the Stockholm–Luleå–Narvik route. This night train leaves the capital of Sweden and takes passengers along the Gulf of Bothnia line to snake towards Narvik on Norway's mountainous west coast.


Reservations are compulsory; follow the instructions above to make your booking. 


Reservation fees 

  • Seat: 4 euros
  • 6-bed couchette: 23 euros p.p.
  • 3-bed sleeper: 46 euros p.p. 


Facilities and services

  • Air conditioning
  • Bar
  • Disabled facilities
  • Newspapers/magazines
  • Restaurant/bistro

Facilities may differ per train and route.

Operated by:

Logo of Swedish railway SJ
VY train logo


Travel Tip

Passengers with a 1st class pass can take advantage of the SJ lounge in Stockholm and Gothenburg. These lounges offer a relaxed environment to wait, have some food or a drink or use the WiFi to get online before you depart on your journey.