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Interrail Passes include access to a number of free and discounted European ferry routes and boats. Below you can find an overview of the major ferry lines that have a partnership with Interrail.



Direct Ferries

Didn't find the ferry route you were looking for? Direct Ferries can help you compare and book your tickets for the perfect ferry to continue your Interrail trip! 


Compare prices from the biggest and largest ferry operators connecting the finest destinations Europe has to offer. It can't get any easier, so what are you waiting for?



Good to know

Travel days and ferries

When traveling by international night ferry Italy and Greece (Superfast Ferries), you have to use a travel day and fill in the day of departure in your travel calendar. If you are still on this ferry after midnight, you don't have to use a second travel day, unless you board a second ferry.


If you're travelling on a discounted ferry, you don't have to use a travel day.


Please note:

  • You cannot start your travel before the first day of validity on your Pass.
  • The departure day of your night ferry cannot be the last day of validity on your Pass.  

Discounted prices on ferries

It is often possible to purchase the special fare tickets for ferries in advance. It is recommended to purchase these tickets in advance when planning to travel during high season.


In order to purchase these tickets you will have to contact the ferry company you will be travelling with directly. In some cases, you can buy the ticket with the discount already included. Occasionally however, you will have to buy the full fare ticket and the ferry company will refund the discount.

If you have a need for speed, or want to travel at night to save costs, we've got you covered.

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