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Domestic train reservation fees


This is a list of reservation fees for domestic European trains. Find out if reservations for your train are compulsory, recommended or optional.You can reserve your domestic trains through our Reservation Service.


Also check out our timetable, use it to search for specific trains and find out whether or not a reservation is required and how much it costs.

tip-image Please note that the reservation fees given on this page are indicative only and are subject to change. Prices may be different when you book your reservations through an agent or when you pay in the local currency.


Most popular domestic trains

Train route Country Train name Reservations Reservation fee
Rome - Florence Italy Le Frecce (FR) Mandatory €10
Barcelona - Madrid Spain AVE Mandatory €10 / €23.50
Paris - Nice France TGV Mandatory €10 / €20
Berlin - Hamburg Germany ICE Optional €4 / €5.30
Ventimiglia - Milan Italy IC Recommended €3


Domestic trains per country

ÖBB Railjet trains

Reservation optional. Free WiFi on board.

  • 2nd and 1st class: € 3.50 (excl. € 3 online reservation fee)


WESTbahn trains

1st class pass holders can upgrade to PLUS service for € 9.90. This will give you a high level of service, a second seat for comfort, a welcome gift, free of charge daily newspaper and guaranteed service at your seat. 

Upgrade can only be booked on the train. Cost depends on the travelled distance.

  • 1st class: €13.90 - €19.90
  • 2nd class: € 5


Trains to/from Brussels Airport

Supplement only for passengers who start or end their journey at Brussels Airport (there's no need to buy a supplement if you're just passing through or changing trains). You can buy the "Diabolo" supplement in Belgium stations from the NMBS/SNCB ticket offices or machines, in the Rail Planner app or online at

  • 2nd and 1st class: €5.70
ZFBH Regional trains

Reservation compulsory, price depends on distance.

  • 2nd and 1st class: €0.50 (3 BAM)


The currency of Bosnia Herzegovina is the Bosnia and Herzegovina convertible mark (BAM).

Express (Ekspresen) trains

Reservation compulsory.

  • 2nd and 1st class: approx. €0.30 (0,50 BGN)

The currency of Bulgaria is the Bulgarian lev (BGN).

ICN Zagreb – Split

Reservation compulsory.

  • 2nd and 1st class: prices range from €1 to €3.60 (27.60 HRK)


IC Zagreb – Rijeka/Osijek/Cakovec

Reservation compulsory.

  • 2nd and 1st class: prices range from €1 to €3.60 (27.60 HRK)


R (Domestic) trains

Reservations recommended:

  • 1st and 2nd class: prices range from €1 to €3.60 (27.60 HRK)


The currency of Croatia is the Croatian kuna (HRK).

Czech Republic
IC/EC (domestic journeys)

Reservation recommended.

  • 2nd and 1st class: €3.60 (97 CZK)*


SC SuperCity

Reservation compulsory. 1st class includes newspaper and catering.

  • 2nd and 1st class: €8 (220 CZK)


The currency of the Czech Republic is the Czech koruna (CZK).

InterCity / InterCity Lyn

Reservation recommended.

  • 2nd and 1st class: €3.90 (30 DKK)*


The currency of Denmark is the Danish krone (DKK).


Reservation recommended, price depends on distance.

  • 2nd class: €5 - €10
  • 1st class: €10 - €15


Pendolino day-time trains

Reservation recommended, price depends on distance.

  • 2nd class: €5 - €10
  • 1st class: €10 - €15


A €1 fee applies when making your reservation at a Finnish railway station.


There's a limited number of seats (and beds) available for pass holders on the InterCités and Intercités de Nuit trains. Make your reservations for these trains as soon as possible. Read more.



Reservation compulsory or recommended (depending on train).

Trains with compulsory reservation:

  • 2nd and 1st class: €10 (if all €10 seats are booked, the reservation fee will be €20)


Trains with recommended reservation:

  • 2nd and 1st class: €1.50



Reservation compulsory.

  • 2nd and 1st class: €10 


(if all €10 seats are booked, the reservation fee will be €20)


Reservation optional, not compulsory.

  • 2nd class: €4
  • 1st class: €5.30


EuroCity Berlin - Warsaw/Gdynia Express (domestic journeys)

Reservation compulsory.

  • 2nd class: €3.60
  • 1st class: €3.60
IC (Inter City)

Reservation compulsory and free of charge.


Great Britain

For seats in the overnight Caledonian Sleepers operated by ScotRail a reservation is required.


Regular day train (ACP Rail)

Mandatory reservations

  • 1st and 2nd class: €7


You can also get your mandatory reservations free of charge at British train stations.

EC (EuroCity)

Reservation compulsory.

  • 2nd and 1st class: €1.50 - €3.50


IC (InterCity)

Reservation compulsory.

  • 2nd and 1st class: €1.50 - €3.50


EN (EuroNight)

Reservation compulsory

  • 2nd and 1st class: €1.50 - €3.50


Express trains

Reservation compulsory

  • 2nd and 1st class: €1.50 - €3.50


RJ (RailJet)

Reservation compulsory

  • 2nd and 1st class: €1.50 - €3.50

Reservation optional, can be made locally or online at

  • 1st class: €12.50 - €25.00
  • 2nd class: €5
EuroCity (domestic journeys) and Le Frecce /Frecciarossa / Frecciargento / Frecciabianca 

Reservation compulsory, can be made locally.

  • 2nd class: €10
  • 1st class: €10


InterCity; InterCityNotte, Expresso (only seats)

Reservation compulsory for night trains.

  • 1st and 2nd class: €3


EuroCity (via Brennero)
Reservation compulsory. This train is operated by DB-ÖBB.

  • 1st class: €20.90
  • 2nd class: €14.50

Regular day trains and Pajūrio ekspresas

Reservations highly recommended 

First class includes bus transfer on some routes

  • 1st class: €5
  • 2nd class: free


New! A €5 fee applies only for 1st class Vilnius - Klaipėda which offers you high level of service quality and bus transfer from Klaipėda to Palanga or Klaipėda to Nida.

InterCity Direct (formerly known as Fyra)

Supplement compulsory.

  • 1st & 2nd class: €2.70 


No supplement required on the route Amsterdam – Schiphol, only on the route Schiphol – Rotterdam Central Station.


Reservations for most Norwegian trains are shown as optional in the timetable. However, we advise you to always make reservations in Norway, because trains often get fully booked.


Long distance trains

Reservation highly recommended.

Komfort class available for 1st class pass holders with no costs if reservation is made locally.
2nd class pass holders pay €11.40 (95 NOK)* for an upgrade to Komfort class.

  • 2nd class: €6 (58 NOK)
  • 1st class (Komfort): free


Flåm (scenic train)

Reservation highly recommended.
Reduced price for Interrail Pass holders (30% discount).


The currency of Norway is the Norwegian krone (NOK).


IC, TLK and EIC (domestic carriage) trains

Reservation recommended.
Reservations made locally in Poland are free of charge.

Reservations made from abroad are €3.50.


EIP (ExpressIC Premium)

Reservation compulsory.

Reservations made locally in Poland are free of charge.

Reservations made from abroad are €3.50.


All travellers have to pay an extra surcharge:

If a reservation is made abroad, an extra charge of €10 (43 PLN) must be paid on the train.
​If a reservation is made in Poland, you pay only the surcharge of €10 (PLN 43) at the ticket counter.


The currency of Poland is the Polish zloty (PLN).

Alfa Pendular, IC

Reservation compulsory (can only be made locally).
Fees - 2nd and 1st class: €5

IC/IR/ (domestic journeys)

IC €3.60 (RON 16.20)* (reservations are mandatory)
ER €1 (RON 4.50) (Reservations are optional)


IC (international journeys)

Reservation compulsory (can only be made locally).
Fees - 1st and 2nd class: €3 (RON 13.50)

ICS Beograd-Novi Sad/Subotica/Prijepolje

Reservation compulsory. Supplement only, can be bought at the station or in the train.
Fees - 1st and 2nd class: €0.90




Inter City trains

Reservation compulsory.
Fees - 1st class: €7 - €13 
Fees - 2nd class: €3 - €9 



Reservation compulsory.

Fees - 1st class: €1. 2nd class: €3 


Upgrade to 1Plus in high speed trains: 1st class €5 . Includes snack and added comfort.

ICS trains (domestic journeys)

Reservation compulsory. 
Fees - 2nd class: €2 - €4
Fees - 1st class: €2 - €4


Reservation cost depends on the travelled distance. If you travel <60 km, the fee is €2. If you travel >60 km, the fee is €4. It is possible to make your reservations online. 

Arco, Talgo, Diurno

Reservation compulsory.

  • 2nd class: €6.50
  • 1st class: €10



Reservation compulsory.

  • Fee: €4 (no class distinction)



Reservation compulsory. 

  • Elige: €10
  • Elige Confort: €13
  • Premium: €23.50 (meal included)



Reservation compulsory. Please note the Euromed doesn't serve meals on Saturdays.

  • Elige: €6.50
  • Elige Confort: €10
  • Premium: €23.50 (meal included)


Alvia & Intercity

Reservation compulsory. 

  • Elige: €6.50
  • Elige Confort: €10



Reservation compulsory. 1st class includes drink and meal2nd class: €6.50

  • 1st class: €23.50



Reservation compulsory.

  • Fee: €4 (no class distinction)


Booking reservations in Spain:

Reservations for Alvia, Intercity, Avant, AVE, Euromed and MD can only be booked at stations selling Long Distance trains tickets (not commuter stations), please find a list of those stations here.

InterCity and regional trains

Reservation recommended.
Fees - 2nd and 1st class: €3


SJ High Speed train

Reservation compulsory. 1st class includes breakfast before 9 a.m, WiFi , fruit, coffee and tea all day.
Fees - 2nd class: €7
Fees - 1st class: €17


Inlandsbanan (scenic train)

Reservation recommended
Fees - 2nd and 1st class: €5


Snälltåget (Malmö – Stockholm)

Reservation compulsory. 1st class includes a light meal.
Fees - 2nd class: €5 
Fees - 1st class: €15 


IC domestic trains
Reservations optional.
Fees - €4.40 (5 CHF)
Scenic train routes

Bernina Express observation car (click for more information about this train)

March to May: €22.90 (24 CHF)

June to September: €24.80 (26 CHF)

October: €22.90 (24 CHF)

1 November to 10 December: €19 (20 CHF)


Connecting bus between Tirano and Lugano: same prices as the train reservations.


Chocolate Train
Fees 1st class: €55 (59 CHF)
Fees 2nd class: €64 (69 CHF)


Glacier Express
Fees in high season (16 June - 19 September): €40 (43 CHF)
Fees in mid season (30 March - 15 June / 17 September - 14 October): €30 (33 CHF)
Fees in low season (10 December - 29 March): €12 - 21


Golden Pass
Check the Golden Pass website for more information, fees range from €4.40 - €24.40.


Gotthard Panoramic Express

Reservations mandatory.

Fees 1st class: €15


Reservation for long distance trains are mandatory. There are no fees.


Other reservation fees