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Interrail youth discounts

Save up to 25% on your Interrail Pass!


Are you 27 or under? If you are, the great news is that you can order an Interrail Youth Pass. You'll get a discount of up to 25% on standard adult prices. It's the best option for backpackers and young travellers who want a big adventure on a smaller budget.

Save money if you're 27 or younger!

You'll find the discounted prices in the Youth tab of our Interrail Pass price tables. If you’re 28 or older on the first day you choose to start your trip, you’ll need to travel with an Adult Pass.


The youth discounts are available for both 1st and 2nd class. If you have a 1st class Interrail Pass, you can choose to sit in 1st or 2nd class. You can choose the Interrail Global Pass or one of the Interrail One Country Passes

Who can use a Youth Pass?

You can use a Youth Pass if you’re aged 27 or younger on the date you choose to start your trip.


After you purchase your Youth Pass you have up to 11 months to start travelling. If you purchase your Pass when you're already 27 years of age, you need to start your trip before you turn 28 (your Youth Pass will not activate if you've already turned 28). If you cannot start your trip before you turn 28, you have to purchase an Adult Pass.


Children must be 11 or younger on the date you choose to start your trip to travel for free with an Interrail Child Pass!


Planning a family getaway? Make use of our other discounts!

Family discount

Travellers aged 11 or younger on the date you choose to start your trip can travel for free with a family discount.

Senior discount

Travellers 60 and over on the date you choose to start your trip get a 10% senior discount on all Interrail Passes.