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Interrail senior discounts

Save 10% today


Longing for a change of scenery? How does all of Europe sound? Get ready to escape your home and find your freedom, with a 10% discount on Interrail Passes. Travel by rail in comfort and safety, then savour the space at each inspiring stop - Europe just for you!

10% off if you're 60 or over

You can buy a Senior Pass if you are 60 or over when you start travelling with your Interrail Pass. If you're 59 on your first day of travel, you'll need to order an Adult Pass.

The senior discount is available for either 1st class or 2nd class travel.

Find your freedom

The sunny south

Travel the Mediterranean coast by train through Spain, France, and Italy.

Top scenic trains

Take in the unique views from these 10 spectacular rail routes.

Best of France

Go one stop further in France with this itinerary from Paris to Lyon.

Get more out of your trip

Travel smart and book Europe's top attractions in advance. This way you'll learn all about the culture and history of your destination. So, avoid the queues and get the best prices for tours and tickets. Besides that, when you've bought your Pass, you'll get a nice discount!


Your trip isn't complete without an amazing city tour, for example in Berlin, Paris and many others. With SANDEMAN's in-depth walking tours, you'll learn all about the sights, the history and the people of your destination. But that's not all... as an Interrail Pass holder you get a 20% discount on all tours! 


Who can use a Senior Pass?

You can use a Senior Pass if you are 60 or over on your first travel day. 


After you purchase your Senior Pass, you have up to 11 months to start travelling. This means you can buy the Pass already when you're still 59, as long as you only start using the Pass after you've turned 60, within the 11 months after your purchase date.


If you want to start travelling when you're still younger than 60, you have to use an Adult Pass.

Planning a family getaway? Make use of our other discounts!

Youth discount

Travellers aged 12 to 27 years old can travel with a youth discount.

Family discount

Travellers aged 11 and under can travel for free with a family discount.