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Interrail senior discounts

Europe by train with 10% discount


Interrail is for YOU

Think Interrail is just for youth? It’s also for you! The freedom and adventure of Interrailing through Europe has no age limit. Whether you want to tour Europe’s famous cities, relax in nature, or experience a bit of everything, get there in comfort and style by train with an Interrail Pass.

  • Plan your own rail route through up to 33 European countries (no fixed itinerary)
  • Go at your own pace – pick the number of travel days that’s right for you
  • Choose 1st class for the most comfortable ride
  • Arrive directly where you want to be, with most train stations located right in the city centre
  • Enjoy a 10% discount on Interrail Passes if you are aged 60 or over on the date you start your trip (German Rail Pass not included)
  • Book additional seat reservations for selected routes, such as night trains



Pick your Global Pass


Global Pass: 7 days in 1 month

7 days


✔ 7 days of unlimited train travel

✔ Perfect for visiting 6–8 destinations

✔ Mobile Pass – no shipping required


Global Pass: 5 days in 1 month

5 days within 1 month


✔ 5 days of unlimited train travel

✔ Perfect for visiting 4–6 destinations

✔ Mobile Pass – no shipping required


What's included in the Pass?


What's included?


  • Hop on and off most trains in 33 countries just by showing your Pass (some high-speed and night trains require an extra seat reservation).
  • Download the free Rail Planner app to plan your trip and show your ticket as you go.
  • Get extra benefits and discounts as you travel with our 100+ partners across Europe.
  • Interrail has flexible exchange and return policies that let you book with confidence.

What's not included?


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Seat reservations


What's a seat reservation? 


For some trains, like high-speed and night trains, it's mandatory to buy a seat reservation (this reservation guarantees your seat on the applicable train). Please note that you can only buy reservations when you have a valid Pass. 


Don't have your Interrail Pass yet? Not sure whether you need seat reservations or how much they cost? Don't worry; we have all the answers. Find out more about reservations here →

When do you need a seat reservation? 


If you're planning to see a lot in a short space of time on your Interrail trip, then you'll most likely need to buy some seat reservations for high-speed routes before you go. 



Where will you go?


The sunny south

Travel the Mediterranean coast by train through Spain, France, and Italy.

Top scenic trains

Take in the unique views from these 10 spectacular rail routes.

Best of France

Go one stop further in France with this itinerary from Paris to Lyon.


Planning a family getaway?

Two friends looking at the Rail Planner app



25% youth discount


Travelers aged 12 to 27 years can travel with a Youth Pass, available for 25% less than the price of standard Adult Passes.





Kids travel FREE


Travelers aged 11 or younger on the date you start your trip can travel for free by using our family discount.



Who we are


Where in Europe do you want to be? Interrail is the unique and exciting way to get there. One train Pass to help you open doors to new destinations, cultures and friendships all over Europe.


The Interrail Pass is a train ticket that allows you to travel on almost all trains in Europe. You can choose from over 40,000 destinations in 33 countries, designing a European adventure that’s personal to you.


The ultimate sense of freedom

Interrail gives you the travel tools that put you in charge. You can use the Interrail Pass to hop aboard trains, check train times using the Interrail timetable and app, and even book seats in advance using the Interrail Reservation Service.


Interrail isn't a tour operator. We don't tell you where to go or how. We just make sure you can get to wherever you want to be.