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Using travel days with your Interrail mobile Pass

How to use travel days with your mobile Pass
Can I switch or cancel a travel day?

You can cancel your travel day any time before the start of that day (00:00 CET). Go to My Pass, choose the travel day you want to cancel and tap ‘Cancel travel day’.


Once a travel day has started, it’s no longer possible to cancel it. You cannot cancel a travel day that is in the past.


Please note that some European countries do not observe Central European Time (CET). This means there can be a difference in the start and end time of a travel day when compared to your local time while travelling.

Why can I not use my remaining travel days?

If you can’t use a travel day when you still have some left, it may be that the overall validity of your Pass has expired. You can see the last day of your overall validity in the top section of your Pass. You must use all available travel days within your overall validity.

How can I save a travel day when travelling with a night train?

If you're travelling on a night train that arrives after midnight, you only need to use a travel day for the day of departure. The app will automatically only use one of your travel days when you add this journey to your Pass. Keep in mind that the arrival day of the night train needs to fall within the validity of your Pass.


If you change onto another train and keep travelling after your night train arrives, you will need to use another travel day. The app will automatically ask you to use another travel day when you add this journey to your Pass.

Why is my journey split across two days?

If your journey runs across more than one day, it will be split into separate journeys for each day and you will need to use 2 travel days. This is so each leg of your journey appears on the correct ticket for ticket inspection.