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General questions about your mobile Pass

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Can I exchange my paper Pass for a mobile Pass?

Yes, it’s possible to exchange your paper Pass for a mobile Pass. To find out more, please contact customer service.

How do I get benefits and discounts with my mobile Pass?

For Pass benefits that are on location, simply show your mobile Pass in the My Pass view to the person behind the counter to get the discount.


If you are accessing a benefit online, you can generally use your Pass number as a discount code on the website of the benefit provider.


You’ll find more specific instructions for each benefit in the Pass benefits section.

What should I do if my phone is lost, damaged, or stolen?

In the unfortunate scenario that your device gets lost, damaged, or broken with your Pass on it, you can opt to move your Pass to another device.


Open the app on your new device and go to My Pass to add your Pass using your last name and Pass number from the order confirmation email. When asked, tap 'Move Pass' and follow the steps to have your Pass moved to the new device.


Remember, if you don’t have a device available to add your Pass to, you won’t be able to travel since you won’t be able to show your ticket. You run the risk of being fined or asked to leave the train. Unfortunately, we can’t reimburse any fines you may incur or tickets you had to purchase. 

Is it possible to get a refund if I’ve only partially used my Pass?

No, it’s not possible to get a refund after you’ve used your Pass, even if you still have travel days left.


Your Pass is considered used when your validity has started. Once it’s used, it’s no longer possible to get a refund.

How does the internet requirement work?

Your mobile Pass is periodically checked against our system to ensure its validity and prevent fraud, which means that you need to be online at least once every 3 days.


We’ll send you a notification 24 hours before your 3 days are up so you can find an internet connection. If you are on a train, there may be on-board Wi-Fi that you can use. The app does not update in the background, so you’ll need to open the app when you find a connection so we can check your Pass. This won’t affect any of your saved trips or journeys in the app.


If you haven’t been online in more than 3 days, your mobile Pass will be considered inactive and you will not be able to use your Pass until you connect to the internet and open the app. 

Can I upgrade my Pass with more days or countries?

No, it’s not possible to add more days or countries to your Pass. If you do decide to travel for longer, you can simply buy another Pass and add it to your phone.

How do I use a Child Pass?

A Child Pass needs to be activated in the same way as a regular Pass and can be on a separate device. The Child Pass should always have its own trip and tickets for inspection on the train.


Please be aware that a Child Pass and an Adult Pass should have the same country of residence, otherwise they cannot be added to the same device.