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Adding and activating your Interrail mobile Pass

How to add and activate your mobile Pass
Which devices are supported?

The Rail Planner app is available on both iPhone and Android phones.


Android phone

Supported on Android 6.0 and later.


Apple iPhone

Supported on iOS 15.0 and later.


You can check your device settings if you are not sure which software version your device is running.

Where can I find the validity period of my Pass?

If you have already activated your Pass, you can see the validity period in My Pass. Tap on your Pass and check the dates mentioned under 'Validity period'.


If you haven't activated your Pass, you won't see a validity period. Instead, you will see by which date you can activate your Pass 

Why do I get an error when I try to add my Pass to the app?

You might see an error for a few reasons:

  • The surname and/or Pass number is incorrect. You need to fill in your surname and/or Pass number exactly as stated in the confirmation e-mail. The 'Pass number' field is case sensitive. Make sure you don't add extra spaces if you copy/paste from the e-mail.
  • The Pass is already added to a device. If the Pass was already added and activated on a device, it cannot be added to a second device.
  • The Pass has expired. The Pass is being added after its activation period is over, or after its validity period has expired.
  • Your internet connection is weak, or you’re offline. You need to be online when adding your Pass to the app.  
  • The calendar your phone uses isn’t supported. Please make sure you’re using the Gregorian calendar, it’s the only calendar our app is compatible with. 
  • Your phone is set to a specific time zone. Set your time zone to 'automatic', so it will automatically match the country where you currently are. 

If the issue you’re facing isn’t described here, please refer to our Help page for more information. 

Why do I need to connect a trip to my Pass?

You need to connect a trip to your Pass so that we can check that your Pass is valid for all of the journeys you want to make.


Once you connect a trip to your Pass, you can add your journeys to your Pass as you travel and ensure that you have a valid Pass every step of the way. 

Why can't I connect my trip to a Pass?

You might have already connected this trip to another Pass. Each Pass on your device needs its own trip.

Can I change the trip connected to my Pass?

You can change the trip your Pass is connected to up until you activate your Pass. Once your Pass is activated, you can’t disconnect a trip or connect a different trip.

When should I activate my Pass?

You can activate your Pass any time up until your first travel day. You’ll need to fill in the number of the passport or ID you’re travelling with and select the start date of your trip to activate your Pass. 


To board your first train, your Pass needs to be activated. The ticket needs to be created and activated in My Pass before boarding the train.


Remember that you can activate your Pass for travel any time within 11 months of purchase. If you’re not sure when you bought your Pass, you can check your order confirmation email. Note: Passes purchased during a promotion may have a different activation period. 

How can I deactivate my Pass?

You can deactivate your Pass any time before the start of your chosen start date (00:00 CET on that day). Go to My Pass, tap the three dots on the top right, and tap ‘Deactivate Pass’. You can then activate your Pass again when you’re ready to travel.

What does it mean my Pass needs to be activated by a certain date?

You need to activate your Pass within 11 months of the day you bought it. You can activate and start using your Pass any time before this date. If you are not sure by what date you need to activate your Pass, you can check your order confirmation email.

The information on my mobile Pass is wrong, what should I do?

If the details on your mobile Pass are incorrect or outdated and you can’t change it yourself, please get in touch with Interrail customer service. We will be able to change the information for you.


We can help with:

  • Adjusting your name (in case of typos, or name changes due to marriage and other legal name changes)
  • Adjusting your ID/passport information (in case of typos or ID/passport renewal)
  • Adjusting your date of birth


Please note that you need to contact customer service before you activate your Pass to change your country of residence.



Why do I need to give my passport or national ID number?

We ask for your passport or ID number for safety and verification that the Pass you are travelling with is actually yours. You may be asked to show your passport or ID card when your Pass is being checked by ticket inspectors, so the number on your Pass should match the number on the passport or ID you are carrying.

Can I change my passport or ID number after activation?

For security reasons, this is not possible. In case you lose your passport or ID-card, please get in touch as soon as possible with customer service. If the Pass has not been activated yet, they will be able to change the passport or ID number on your Pass.