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Best inspiration from 2020

Last year's most popular lists and itineraries on our website


We may not have been able to get out much in 2020, but the longing for adventure never went away! These were the 5 most read inspirational pages on our site last year, from trips on the Orient Express to riding trains by night. We hope they'll satisfy your wanderlust for now and get the planning flowing for trips later this year.


Krakow, Poland

10 cheapest cities in Europe


We all like to make our money go further, and this was no less true in 2020. Our most popular page of last year showed you how to have a top experience in Europe for the least amount of money, on a route stretching through central Europe, the Balkans and Romania. 


Night trains


Travelling by night train is a great way to save on time and money, as you speed towards your next destination while you sleep. 2021 should be a great year to give night trains a try, with new routes planned to open all around Europe. Until then, check out all the existing routes on our popular info page.


The Mediterranean itinerary


With stunning beaches, great food and plenty of history, it's easy to see why our Mediterranean itinerary was a hit last year! Transporting you through the coastal cities of Spain, France and Italy, this 2-week trip could be the perfect way to restart your travels this summer.


London to Istanbul


When you can finally travel again, your comeback trip will obviously need to be iconic. So why not follow the route of one Europe's most famous (if not the most famous) train journeys - the Orient Express. The famed train service no longer runs, but with an Interrail Global Pass you can trace the route yourself on modern trains, all the way from London to Istanbul.


Europe's best scenic train rides


There are many reasons to travel around Europe by rail, but the chance to travel by scenic train is a particular highlight. Scenic trains offer you front-row seats on stunning routes which can't be accessed by plane, car or on foot. So it's no surprise that our list of best scenic trains is one of our top pages.

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With a mobile Global Pass, you can start your travel anytime within 11 months of purchase. So buy your Pass now and look forward to travelling these popular routes this summer.