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Turkey always has a little magic in the air, and it's time for you to feel it. Whether it's visiting the mystical ruins of Ephesus, the bustle of the Grand Bazaar, or soaking up the sights at Cappadocia, you won't regret ticking off this bucket list any time soon. 


Tour the ruins of Ephesus


Most people flock to Rome to see Roman ruins, right? But if you're searching for something even more unique, head to Ephesus, the best-preserved Roman ruins in the Mediterranean. From the remains of the Temple of Artemis, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, to the Temple of Hadrian and the Celsius Library, there's so much to explore in this vast archaeological complex. 



Bargain in the Grand Bazaar, Istanbul


A trip to Istanbul wouldn't be complete without plunging into the colourful labyrinth of the Grand Bazaar. It's the best way to experience the city, with over 4,000 shops tucked inside the market streets. You can shop for many traditional wares, including handmade carpets, ceramics, lamps and jewellery, just to name a few. Don't be afraid to haggle!



Visit the Blue Mosque, Istanbul


The Blue Mosque is one of Istanbul's most iconic sights and can't be missed if you're in the city. As a place of worship since the 16th century, this stunning building is only open outside of worship times, so plan your visit accordingly. Additionally, remember to dress appropriately and be mindful of others entering for prayer. 



Admire the hidden gem of Amasya


Once you've had your fill of Istanbul, head off the beaten track to the beautiful city of Amasya. Tucked away in the mountains, this hidden gem holds great historical treasures. From the cliff tombs of Pontus Kings to the Ottoman-era houses, this charming city is a treasure trove for history fiends. 



Try Turkish cuisine


If you're hungry, book your Interrail trip to Turkey now. As the crossroads of Europe and Asia, this beautiful country also has some mouth-watering dishes inspired by multiple cultures. After filling up with mezze, kebab and kofte meatballs, indulge in baklava, proper Turkish delight and Turkish coffee. Are you hungry yet?



Get your fortune told with Turkish coffee


While we're on the subject of coffee, did you know Turkish coffee has other uses than simply being a drink? Go to a local fortune teller during your trip, where they'll use your empty coffee cup to find out what the future holds. As long as they tell you where you're going next with your Interrail Pass, we're on board! 



Ride a hot air balloon, Cappadocia


If you haven't seen Instagram pictures of Cappadocia, where have you been? With its striking valleys filled with volcanic rock formations, this is one of the most magical places on the planet. And what better way to experience it than taking to the sky? Join one of the beautiful balloons soaring above the ground for an experience you'll never forget. 



Swim in the hot springs, Pamukkale


If the beauty of Istanbul, ancient ruins and volcanic landscapes isn't enough for you, we think Pamukkale might just do it. With its white limestone thermal pools, this majestic landscape is a site of healing, health and happiness. 



See the sunken city, Kekova 


Kekova Island's crystal waters are incredible on their own, but beneath the surface lies the sunken city Dolchiste, which fell into the ocean in the 2nd century. Although swimming around the ruins is currently forbidden, visit the island to spot the ancient town beneath the waves. 



Enjoy a sunrise breakfast, Cappadocia


Even if you're not a morning person, you'll want to get up for this. Imagine fresh fruit, juice and baked goods waiting for you upon a rooftop whilst hot balloons rise with the sunrise. And no, you're not still dreaming. This is the perfect way to celebrate your travels, marvelling at the harmony of nature and humanity. 


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