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Ah, Austria. With its snow-capped mountains and charming chalets, there's a reason it's at the beginning of the alphabet. Fancy drinking coffee in Vienna? Or kayaking on the Danube? Check out our bucket list picks to really enjoy your Austrian experience. 


Drink coffee in a Viennese café


Vienna's coffee houses are an institution of the city. Swap your Starbucks order for a delicious steaming coffee, served in a coffee house that looks more like a ballroom. Here, you can easily spend hours staring at the fabulous decor and sampling Viennese pastries. What more could you want? 



Go hiking around Hallstatt


There are some places that simply take your breath away. Hallstatt, a salt mine village nestled in the Salzkammergut mountains, is definitely one of those. Visit this natural wonder for outdoor activities like hiking in the mountains, or alternatively relax on the lake shore.



Attend the Vienna Opera


Vienna's State Opera House is considered to be one of the best in the world. Tour this classical building for a glimpse into this musical masterpiece, or watch a performance at a very affordable price. 



Kayak on the Danube


Take a day trip out of Vienna, but swap the train for a more exciting mode of transport. Join a kayaking expedition down the Danube, exploring areas such as the Wachau Valley. 



Take the cable car, Untersberg


After visiting the stunning city of Salzburg, take the cable car up the Untersberg mountain for incredible views. With panoramas stretching across Salzburg, the Rositten valley and the Berechtesgaden region - it's a magical sight! 



Hike up Mondspitze at sunrise


This isn't just any old hike. Imagine reaching the summit just as the sun breaks across the mountain peaks, sending orange and pink rays into the sky. What could be better than seeing the sunrise from the top of a mountain? Not much, we think. 



Walk up the Stairway to Nothingness, Dachstein


If one mountain isn't good enough for you, you'd better check out the Treppe ins Nichts, or the Stairway to Nothingness. The highest bridge in Austria, this awesome construction ends in fourteen steps descending into... nowhere. 



Eat Sacher Torte in the Hotel Sacher, Vienna


Imagine a thick slice of rich chocolate cake, with a tang of apricot jam in the centre. This is the Sacher Torte: Vienna's iconic chocolate dessert. Visit Café Sacher to taste their secret recipe, but be prepared to wait in line! 



Have a picnic on the Schlossberg, Graz


Though the castle no longer exists, the Schlossberg hill is still one of the best attractions in Graz. Head up to this picturesque parkland with some goodies to enjoy the city from above. 



Visit Schönbrunn Palace, Vienna 


Now this is what you call a palace. The former summer residence of the Habsburg family, this palatial complex is the most visited attraction in Austria. With Napoleon, Empress Maria Theresa and other famous figures having walked its hallways, Schönbrunn is an incredible place to explore.

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