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Top 10 Destinations to visit in 2019

Hand-picked by the team

It won’t surprise you that at Interrail we love to travel. We're actually lucky enough to call travelling our daily work. When we're not at the office making sure that you get the most out of your Interrail Pass, we're probably in a train ourselves, exploring all that Europe has to offer.


We asked our team which European destinations you just can't miss in 2019. We hope they'll inspire you for a brand new year of travelling!

Villages don’t get any more perfect than Multepulciano, says Alan. Situated on a hilltop in Tuscany, surrounded by pine trees, it is as the village was created by a landscape painter. Its historic centre managed to stay surprisingly untouched – no major building work has taken place here since 1580. Combine all of this Italian splendour with a glass of world-famous Montepulciano wine and you’ll truly start to believe that heaven is a place on earth.

Surrounded by Norway’s famous fjords, Bergen offers an exciting combination of natural wonders and urban culture. It's one of Georgios' favourite places on earth. The old wharf Bryggen has a place on UNESCO’s World Heritage List and is definitely worth a visit. The city also offers plenty of museums and concert venues. You can take a cable car up to Mount Floyen for the best views of the city or discover the iconic fjords with one of the many cruise companies.

If you’re looking for spectacular natural beauty, you’ve found it. “Berchtesgaden is like a fairy-tale,” says Nienke. Home to Germany’s second-highest mountain – the Watzmann – the land of Berchtesgaden is absolutely gorgeous, with majestic mountain ranges and crystal-clear lakes. This region is worth visiting throughout the entire year: it is the perfect spot for winter sports, and in summer the Berchtesgaden National Park is great for hiking.

“The villages in the Alsace region look like they’re straight from a Disney movie,” says Aparna. Strasbourg, right in the middle of the famous wine region, is indeed picture perfect, with its timbered houses and cobblestone streets. It is the perfect starting point to go on a wine tasting tour and immerse yourself in the quaint villages that surround the city.

Andalucía, Spain’s southern-most region, is as close to Africa as Europe gets. That usually means sunny weather, but according to Nathalie that's not the main reason she loves the region. It's the drop-dead-gorgeous Alhambra palace in Granada, the Alcazar of Seville, and many other architectural highlights that should get you excited. And with Spain’s extensive and modern railway system, traveling by train in Andalucía is a piece of cake.

Yeonjoo fell madly in love with Sicily, which can be reached by train even though it's an island. The Italians invented a ferry that carries the train across the Straits of Messina before continuing on the rail tracks in Sicily — talk about impressive engineering! Once you’ve reached Sicily, you’re ready to explore the island's beautiful beaches and enjoy the delicious cuisine. The city of Palermo is a must-see for everyone!

The New York Times called Copenhagen the most sophisticated city in Europe, and Juliette agrees with them. The city has cutting-edge museums, architecture and design. It's also home to Noma, one of the best restaurants in the world and famous for its Nordic cuisine. Simply put, life's very good in Copenhagen – no wonder Danish people are some of the happiest people in the world.

Othilde considers Prague to be one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. "It's a treat just to walk around between so many beautiful buildings," she says. Another reason to visit Prague beside architectural highlights is beer: the Czechs are known for producing the best beer in the world and unsurprisingly Prague is beer heaven. Drinking is amazingly affordable here: a beer for €1 is no exception. If you’re a beer enthusiast, don't miss the Czech Beer Fest in May.

You may have never heard of Plovdiv, but Dilyana says that's likely to change: in 2019, the Bulgarian city will be the European Capital of Culture, and deservedly so. Plovdiv is Europe’s oldest continuously inhabited city, making it far more ancient than Rome. Old as it is, Plovdiv adjusted to modern times very well and has a great club scene and some cutting-edge art galleries. This year is the perfect time to check this out, before the rest of the world discovers it.

The Bernina Express is a train ride that should be on everyone's bucket list, according to Silja: all the clichés of scenic train travel are multiplied by 1000 on this route. The 4-hour train journey from Chur, Davos or St. Moritz in Switzerland to Tirano in Italy passes through breathtaking mountain scenery. The last part of the journey takes you through Italian-speaking Val Poschiavo, a beautiful valley in the far south of Switzerland that is a joy to visit.

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