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Romantic Interrail routes

Travel Europe by train with the one you love

There's nothing more romantic than riding trains into the hearts of Europe's most beautiful destinations. Let these attractive itineraries inspire you to get closer to the sights, cultures and people of Europe.


The tour around the heart of Europe

Suggested rail pass: Interrail Global Pass
Travel days needed: 5 days within 1 month
Countries: France, the Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary and Austria

Train itinerary:

  • Paris – Amsterdam (3hrs 17mins)

  • Amsterdam – Berlin (6hrs 22mins)

  • Berlin – Prague (4hrs 17mins)

  • Prague – Budapest (6hrs 45mins)

  • Budapest – Vienna (2hrs 26mins)


Exploring the heart of Europe, this tour includes many of the continent’s most famous cities. This exciting journey takes travellers from Paris, through the Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic and Hungary, before ending in Austria. Famous sights to explore include Prague’s St Charles Bridge, Budapest’s thermal baths and Munich’s famous beer cellars, not to mention Vienna’s coffee houses and architecture.


For all the Spanish lovers!

Suggested rail pass: Interrail Spain Pass
Travel days needed: 4 days within 1 month
Country: Spain

Train itinerary:

  • Barcelona – Valencia (3hrs 19mins)

  • Valencia – Madrid (1hr 38mins)

  • Madrid – Cordoba (1hr 42mins)

  • Cordoba – Seville (45mins)


With a One Country Pass, travellers can get to know a single country almost as well as a local. From the beaches of Barcelona and Valencia, to the sunshine cities of Madrid, Cordoba and Seville, this Viva España tour is a memorable journey taking in the very best of Spain.


Cuddle up and enjoy the view

Suggested rail pass: Interrail Global Pass
Travel days needed: 10 days within 2 months
Countries: France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria and Germany

Train itinerary:

  • Paris – Bordeaux (2hrs 4mins)

  • Bordeaux – Toulouse (2hrs 4mins)

  • Toulouse – Marseille (3hrs 57mins)

  • Marseille – Lyon (1hr 40mins)

  • Lyon – Milan (5hrs 19mins)

  • Milan – Bern (3hrs)

  • Bern – Zurich (56mins)

  • Zurich – Innsbruck (3hrs 31mins)

  • Innsbruck – Salzburg (1hr 48mins)

  • Salzburg – Munich (1hr 30mins)


The Romantic Route tour is a comprehensive exploration of some of Europe’s finest cities. Its multiple stops allow the Pass holder to get to know each country in a deeper way. From the Eiffel Tower to Bordeaux’s wine region, the Mediterranean coast to the bustling and historic city of Milan, the journey continues through the Alps of Switzerland and Austria before Pass holders enjoy some Bavarian hospitality in Munich. It’s fair to say that this itinerary makes for an unforgettable experience.


The way to someone's heart is through their stomach...

Suggested rail pass: Interrail Global Pass
Travel days needed: 7 days within 1 month
Countries: Portugal, Spain and France

Train itinerary:

  • Lisbon – Sintra (47mins)– Porto (3hrs 38mins)

  • Porto – Santiago de Compostela (4hrs 48mins)

  • Santiago de Compostela – Madrid (5hrs 5mins)

  • Madrid – Barcelona (2hrs 30mins)

  • Barcelona – Bordeaux (2hrs 30mins)

  • Bordeaux – Avignon (5hrs 48mins)


To travel across Europe in any direction is to enjoy a wide range of culinary treats and fine wines. France, Spain and Portugal are famous for their climate, cuisine and culture and you can experience all three on this itinerary. With so much to try, from pinchos to port wine, a good appetite is essential!


Greek Island Hopping

Suggested rail pass: Interrail Greek Islands Pass
Travel days needed: 6 days within 1 month
Countries: Greece (and Italy) by ferry

Ferry itinerary:

  • Venice/Ancona/Bari – Patras

  • Patras – Piraeus

  • Piraeus – Santorini

  • Santorini – Kos

  • Kos – Rhodes

  • Rhodes – Karpathos


The ultimate way to explore the Greek islands, this island-hopping journey takes in a number of Greece’s holiday isles, all boasting white sand beaches and deep blue seas. The sunsets and ocean views will not disappoint and the ferry journeys between the islands promise blue skies and azure water as far as the eye can see.


Uncovering Hidden Gems

Suggested rail pass: Interrail Global Pass
Travel days needed: 5 days within 1 month
Countries: Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovenia.

Train itinerary:

  • Berlin – Warsaw (6hrs 23mins)

  • Warsaw – Ostrava (4hrs 53mins)

  • Ostrava – Prague (3hrs 1min)

  • Prague – Budapest (6hrs 43mins)

  • Budapest – Ljubljana (7hrs 53mins)


This tour of many of Central Europe’s most beautiful cities is a must for anyone eager to combine seeing famous landmarks with uncovering some real hidden gems. The adventure begins in historic Berlin and then goes on to discover Poland’s capital, Warsaw. After a quick stop in historic Bohemia, you can marvel at Prague’s medieval and gothic architecture, before admiring the neoclassical buildings on the streets of Budapest and Ljubljana, two of Central Europe’s most attractive and friendly capitals.