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Get inspired by your fellow travellers

Looking for the latest insider's tips on where to go Interrailing this year? We know it's tough mapping out your route - after all, the Global Pass offers you the chance to visit as many as 33 countries.

Watch these videos created by your fellow travellers to inspire your own route planning. Happy viewing!

Slow Travel in Fast Cities

Follow Ruairi and his two friends as they wander from city to city, country to country. Join their peaceful travel moments, people watching, exploring surroundings and riding calm trains. Sit back and get inspired by the magic of “slow travel”!

“Our advice to future Interrail travellers would be to make sure you don’t rush yourself while exploring new cities. Also, interesting and comfortable hostels and accommodation can make all the difference when visiting a city.”


Backpacking in Italy

Travel addict Pablo and his friend went backpacking through Italy for 3 weeks. With lightweight bags and cameras at the ready, they filmed their amazing trip.

"Every day we would wake up at 5 in the morning to search for the best light and enjoy the calm of each place. We laughed, slept in the pure nature, enjoyed a beer and gathered a lot of memories."


28 Balkan days later

Anne and Robin interrailed through Montenegro, Serbia, Romania, Bosnia Herzegovina, BulgariaHungary and Croatia in 28 days.


"From each city we stayed during our Interrail trip, we sent a postcard to our house in Amsterdam. When we got back home, our doormat was covered with postcards full of sweet memories."


Eastern Europe on a shoestring in 3 weeks

Bouke and Maaike packed their backpacks, tents and Interrail passes and set off on their first ever interrailing trip to Eastern Europe. The highlights were dancing barefoot at a festival in Croatia and snorkeling in the Adriatic Sea.

"Ahh 3 weeks of total freedom...freedom to do what we wanted, go where we pleased and all at our own pace. Loved it!"


The Balkans for Beginners

Follow Cruz and her friends on their exciting experience from Italy to the Balkans. 4 girls, 15 days, 9 cities, 1 amazing trip. Check out the fun film of their Interrail trip!

"The best thing about Interrailing was the opportunity to get to know cultures very different from our own. We met really interesting people and heard astonishing stories."


Bits and pieces of Western Europe

Frank and his friends travelled from France all the way up to Norway and Sweden. In between they visited GhentBerlin and many more great cities!

" Interrail is a great way to travel and meet new people from different countries. I will never forget how much fun we had during our trip through Europe! I could reccomend anyone to go out there and start your own adventure!"


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