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Festivals in Slovakia

Slovakia may be small, but a summer event is never far away. You can enjoy music from Slovakian artists, but also international artist know where to find the country's festivals. And, best of all, they are reachable by train and other types of public transport! 

Pohoda Festival

Location: Airport Trenčín, Slovakia


Pohoda Festival is one of the biggest open air festivals in Slovakia, and one of the few festivals that's open to families as well. Gather your friends and make your way to Trenčín for great performances by a lot of artists.

There will be special festival trains from Bratislava and Košice that bring you to Trenčín. It is also possible to take a regular train. There are busses that take you from the station to the festival grounds.

Grape Festival

Location: Airport Piešťany, Slovakia


One empty airport, great international and Slovakian artists and 20.000 visitors: that's Grape Festival in a nutshell. It's in the top 10 of Best Small Festivals in Europe and the whole event is a great experience and accessible for everyone. Not to be missed!

Piešťany is reachable by train from Bratislava and Košice. The trip from Bratislava will take around 1 hour, from Košiceit is almost 5 hours.

Uprising Festival

Location: Zlaté Piesky, Bratislava, Slovakia


Uprising Festival brings people together from different countries and cultures, and they are proud of that! Enjoy a weekend filled with reggae, latino, ska and hip hop music and take part in all kinds of activities, like swimming, a football tournament or capoeira.

The festival take splace just outside of Bratislava, so it's pretty easy to get to. Take tram 4 or take one of the combinations of busses to get to Zlaté Piesky.

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