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It's time to explore the north of Europe with an Interrail Pass! The Latvian railway carrier brings you all over the country, from the coast at the Baltic Sea, to historical towns and beautiful nature. 

Latvia quick facts

  • Population: 1.92 million
  • Language: Latvian
  • Currency: Euro
  • Dialing code: +371

Trains in Latvia

Find out all you need to know about the Latvia’s rail network, reservation requirements and different train types.

Latvia Rail Passes

We have a range of options for you to see Latvia by train. Just pick the Pass that fits your travel plans!


Interrail Pass options for Latvia

Interrail Latvia Pass

  • Offers you extensive rail travel in Latvia.

  • Youth, senior and family discounts available.

  • Prices from € 80


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Interrail Global Pass

  • Have the freedom to visit Latvia and up to 32 other Interrail countries

  • Youth, senior and family discounts available

  • Prices from € 185


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Places to visit

The Old Town of Riga
The Old Town of Riga

Bustling Riga


Latvia’s capital city is truly a central hub for culture and history. The Old Town is a great place to learn about Riga’s long history and start your stroll towards the Art Nouveau District, where you can let yourself be amazed with the architecture. If you can’t get enough of the views, head to St Peter’s church to experience the city from above. Don’t miss the unique Sun museum, where you can find out more about Latvians and their traditions, or having a sip of Riga Black Balsam, an authentic and strong alcoholic drink made with liquor and vodka.

Turaida Castle
Turaida Castle

Enchanting castles 


If you’re craving river panoramas, enchanting forest trails, mysterious caves and medieval castles, look no further than Sigulda. It’s located on the edge of Gauja National Park and offers countless opportunities to escape the crowds and appreciate the stunning views in peace. There are 3 castles in the area, with Turaida probably being the most beautiful one. From there reaching the Gutman’s Cave, the highest one in the Baltics, is also the easiest.

Liepāja beach
Liepāja beach

Dark history and prison cells 


Liepāja is definitely one of Latvia’s most interesting destinations. The city has turned its dark history into a more interactive concept and places such as the Karosta Prison Museum are not to be missed. Its convenient location at the Baltic sea has resulted in many beautiful white sand beaches to rewind after embracing the city’s historical past. For true adventure seekers, there is the unique opportunity to stay overnight at one of the Karosta's prison cells!

Aerial view above Martin Luther Cathedral
Aerial view above Martin Luther Cathedral

Latvia's hidden gem 


Even though it’s the second largest city in Latvia, most people still skip it for Riga, which makes Daugavpils the perfect hidden gem. The remarkable fortress, survived both World War I and II, is one of the city’s most well-known attractions, although the impressive architecture and bustling culture also make it a suitable destination for travellers. Church hill is certainly Daugavpils’ most beautiful place, featuring various picturesque churches.

Cesis Castle from above
Cesis Castle from above

Latvia's favourite castle


Cesis is a true bliss for all the history fans out there as visitors can explore 800 years of history and tales. Some of its districts are one of the best-preserved ones in the whole country and there are many cobblestone streets, beautifully painted facades, churches and courtyards that can give you a medieval feeling even though it’s the 21st century. The town’s most distinguishable piece is probably the Cesis Castle, which is also one of the most popular attractions to be photographed in Latvia.

Ligatne's forest surroundings
Ligatne's forest surroundings

For the ultimate serenity


For those looking to escape the hustle and bustle, Ligatne is the ultimate destination. Here you can immerse yourself in walking, mountain biking, camping and even horse riding. There are also some nature attractions such as the Devonian rock, Gutmanala caves and the Erglu Cliffs to make you forget about your worries and appreciate the surroundings. 

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