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Enjoy classical beauty and sun-drenched olive groves!


Travel by train and chug alongside the Greek mainland speckled with turquoise seas. With an Interrail Pass – explore the thriving metropolis of Athens, visit the whitewashed villages of Crete and discover Greek mythology in Olympia. If you have an insatiable appetite for adventure, Greece is where it all begins.

Greece quick facts

  • Population: 10.8 million

  • Language: Greek

  • Currency: Euro (EUR)

  • Dialing code: +30

Trains in Greece


Get all the information you need about the Greece rail network, different train types and reservation requirements.
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Interrail passes for Greece

Interrail Greek Islands Pass

The Interrail Greek Islands Pass allows you to explore the Greek islands by ferry. Embrace the party paradise in Mykonos, relax at the mesmerising beaches of Crete or sail to the beautiful white villages of Santorini.

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Interrail Greece Pass

The Interrail Greece Pass is a great way to visit highlights like Athens, Thessaloniki and Olympia. We also offer the Interrail Greece Plus Pass, which includes ferry crossings between Greece and Italy.

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Interrail Global Pass

The Interrail Global Pass is the flexible and budget-friendly way to get around up to 33 countries in Europe. Travel by train from one cool destination to the next. One day you're on a pub crawl through Amsterdam and the next you're white-water rafting in Interlaken, Switzerland.

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Pass benefits in Greece

Take advantage of FREE and discounted ferries to Italy and within Greece, as well as other great offers.

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Places to visit

    Ruins of Olympia
Ruins of Olympia

As ancient as it gets

Olympia is the site of the very first Olympic Games, held in 776 B.C. in honour of Zeus. It’s a top tourist attraction so try and arrive just as the park opens to avoid uncomfortable viewing. Within the site there is a mish-mash of interesting temple remains, including the Temple of Zeus, which once protected Phidias’s famous gold statue of Zeus. Continue your ancient tour to Delphi, which the Greeks once believed to be the centre of the world and see other fascinating archaeological wonders, including the Temple of Apollo.

Olympia and Delphi can be reached by bus from Athens.
    Acropolis, Athens
Acropolis, Athens

Athens: Ancient Greek splendour and modern-day chaos

Thanks to the 2004 Olympic Games being held in Athens, birthplace of the competition, the city was given a much needed spring clean. The main pull to Athens is a visit to the staggering Acropolis, which supported a Neolithic community at around 5000 B.C. and has since withstood various wars and natural erosion. Make the ascent up the steps of the ancient structure for splendid views across the modern city, whilst pondering over the transformation of civilisation.

The Acropolis is a 30-minute walk from either the city’s Laríssis train station or Peloponnese station (they are located almost side by side).

Paradise island-hopping

If you know anyone who has ventured to at least one of the Greek islands, then you will already have heard that they are blisteringly beautiful. Santoríni is especially so. This volcanic island beams brighter than all the other islands within the Cyclades archipelago proudly offering sumptuous sunsets, gorgeous beaches and cliff-hanging villages adorned in white. Another beauty is Kefaloniá, the largest Ionian island. You’ll think you’ve died and gone to heaven, when you see the island’s Myrtos Beach.

Boats leave daily to the islands from the ferry terminus in Pireás (8km south of Athens), which is next to Peloponnisou Peiraias train station. Please note that ferries are not included in your Interrail Pass.
    Party in Oia, Santorini
Party in Oia, Santorini

Party like a god

Thessaloníki has a throbbing night scene, that is particularly lively around the warehouse area of Ladhádhika, near the port. A cool little hangout is Arthouse, which throws out a mix of everything from deep techno to cheery reggae. In Athens, a trendy evening spot is Bios, which has a good schedule of art and theatre performances and cinema viewings, along with live gigs and DJs playing in the basement club. This place attracts young alternative Athenians.

The Arthouse club is a 20-minute walk from Thessaloníki's main train station. Bios can be reached with a short taxi journey from the Peloponnisou Peiraias train station.
    Samaria Gorge, Crete
Samaria Gorge, Crete

Spectacular scenery

Home to the Greek mythological gods, Mount Olympus is the largest mountain in Greece and Mytikas is its highest peak at 2,917 metres. Between mid-June and October this magical peak is yours to climb – though make sure you buy a decent map otherwise the Greek gods might have you running around in circles. The Samariá Gorge, in Crete is another favourite with outdoorsy types. Europe’s longest gorge is a stunning World Biosphere Reserve that can be hiked within a day (between May and October) and has some beautiful beaches and lagoons waiting to be discovered.

Boats leave daily to the islands from the ferry terminus in Pireás (8 km south of Athens), which is next to Peloponnisou Peiraias train station. Please note that ferries are not included in your Interrail Pass.

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