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24 hours in Warsaw

The capital city of Poland, Warsaw, has so much to offer. Impressive skyline, an old town full of history, numerous beautiful buildings and unique and affordable food. It can be overwhelming, especially if you have limited time. But not to worry, we've got you covered with our itinerary of how to spend the best 24 hours of your Interrail adventure in Warsaw.

10 AM // Morning walk

Start the day healthily with a nice walk around Warsaw’s biggest and most well-known Łazienki Park. You will find 17th century buildings at almost every corner, but definitely do not miss the park’s centerpiece and most famous attraction, the Palace on the Island.


Once you have finished admiring the serenity of the park, head to Aleja Armii Ludowej street to catch a tram to the Old Town of Warsaw.

Park Warsaw

12 PM // World Heritage tour

Probably the most picturesque area of Warsaw, the Old Town has a lot to offer. From interesting museums like the Historical Museum and the Museum of Literature to the well-known Royal palace and Old Town Market Square, you are in for an interesting afternoon.  


Want to recharge with some tasty food? Not to worry, the area is bustling with all types of restaurants, including traditional Polish food which is definitely not to be missed!

Old town Warsaw

3 PM // Busy street life

Experience the hustle and bustle of the city by heading down to Krakowskie Przedmieście street and then to Świętokrzyska street. Not only will you get a feeling of how vibrant Warsaw can be, but you will also see signature buildings such as the Presidential Palace, the University of Warsaw and the National Bank. The trendy shops and food spots will make your walk even more exciting and fulfilling.

City centre Warsaw

5 PM // Warsaw's highlight

Finish up your walk with Warsaw’s top attraction and tallest building – the Palace of Culture and Science. This impressive beauty has been part of Warsaw’s skyline since 1955 and offers stunning views of the whole city. Head there close to sunset for amazing golden hour cityscapes from the 30th floor.

Palace Warsaw

7 PM // Evening by the river 

Time to recharge and the best way is to follow the locals to one of the beaches by the Vistula River. You can bring a picnic to the relaxing Poniatówka beach, while La Playa has a bar that will not only provide food for your cravings, but also music to keep you dancing until the early hours of the morning.


Want to stay in the city centre or experiencing weather that is not so beach-friendly? PiwPaw Heaven is truly a paradise with more than 100 types of tap beer and 200 more bottled versions.

Beach Warsaw
Poland small

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