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24 hours in Vilnius


Vilnius is a small city packed full of surprises, so it's well worth a visit despite its diminutive size. Due to its rich cultural heritage and green spaces, Lithuania's capital is the perfect city for wandering around! Ready to go?

9AM // Morning stroll 

Lose yourself in the Old Town 


Start your morning saunter from the most well-known spot in Vilnius, the Old Town. Don't be afraid to lose your way; it's the best way to explore! 


Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, the Old Town is considered the largest in all Eastern Europe. You'll come across picturesque streets, beautiful buildings, and many delightful walking routes.


Places you should include in your route are Vilnius Cathedral, Vilnius University, Gedimino Prospektas, St. Anne and Bernardine’s Church and the lovely Pilies and Literatų Streets!

Vilnius Cathedral
Vilnius Cathedral

12 PM // Noon: Visit the Tower

Gediminas Castle Tower


Only 13 minutes walking distance from Vilnius Cathedral you can find the Gediminas Castle Tower. This medieval complex has stood the test of time since the early 14th century. Sadly, its tower is almost all that remains of the High Castle. It now houses a museum where you can learn about the old castle's history, iconography, and armament materials of old Vilnius.


Take a quaint funicular railway from the foot of Gediminas Hill or enjoy a challenging climb up the castle hill. Either way, an observation deck at the top of the tower will provide you with the best views of the city overlooking the Neris river

Gediminas Castle Tower
Gediminas Castle Tower

2 PM // Lunch at Etno Dvaras

Get a taste of Traditional Lithuanian Food


Feeling hungry after all that walking? If you want to try typical Lithuanian food, you should stop at Etno Dvaras, located on Pilies Street. 


The basis of the Lithuanian diet is potatoes, meat and dairy products. It won't surprise you then that the traditional dishes are often quite heavy and packed with flavour. CepelinaiSaltibarsciaiPotatoe Panckakes, Kibinai and snacks like Kepta duona are the typical offerings that you should not miss. 


Ask the waiter for the restaurant favourites!


4 PM // Climb the Hill of Three Crosses 

An even higher viewpoint!


Standing at the top of the hill with the same name, the Hill of the Three Crosses is one of the monuments to symbolize Lithuanian freedom. This remnant of an ancient castle and the Franciscan friars' mysterious legend is the highest point in Vilnius, even higher than the top of Gediminas Tower


The way up to the Three Crosses is a beautiful (and challenging!) walk that offers its reward in the form of a stunning panoramic view of the Old Town. What's more, the Bernardine Garden and Vilnele River are right at the foot of the hill.

Hill of Three Crosses
Hill of Three Crosses
Interesting fact: The crosses are often illuminated with the colours of the Lithuanian flag. For special events, you can sometimes see the colours of other international countries.

6 PM // Evening at Užupis

Kick-off your evening at The Republic of Užupis


Heading to the east of the Vilnius Old Town, you will come across the Republic of Užupis, a neighbourhood that proclaimed itself independent in 1997. Originally born as a home of bohemians, artists, squatters and rebels, Užupis has its own constitution, flag and army.


In Lithuanian, Užupis means ‘’beyond the river,” and it refers to this part of the city set across the Vilnius River. Crowning the neighbourhood's entrance is the statue of the Angel of Užupis, who is blowing a trumpet while balancing on a golden egg.


Fun fact: Two of Užupis’s constitutional rights state: everybody has the right to be happy, and a dog has the right to be a dog.


8 PM // Nightlife in Vilnius

Frosty by day, warm and toasty at night! 


It's finally time to relax and seek some fun! Vilnius has an extremely lively nightlife, and the city offers entertainment for all budgets. You can easily have a good night out with 3 euros for the disco entrance fee and 1,5 euros for a beer.


If you feel like dancing, the most recommended clubs are Rumor, Salento DiscoPub and Pablo Latino for a South American Vibe. Opium is the iconic house/techno club in Vilnius if you prefer a different party scene. Loftas, Pantera and Kablys are very good options too.

Interrail Tip: We recommend to begin your night at Plus Plus Plus Gastrobaras; a sprawling bar with a huge terrace and craft beers starting at less than 2 euros.

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