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24 hours in Valencia

Madrugada Verde

Think about it, you have 24 hours to spare on your train travels and you hear: “Next stop Valencia!”

Time to hop off the train and visit the warm city that is Valencia. Known for its mixture of cultural attractions, sandy beaches, futuristic architecture, and a vibrant nightlife, Valencia is a city you must see.  What's more, Valencia offers on average, 300 days of sun! Feel free to use our Interrail itinerary to squeeze the most out of your 24 hours in Valencia.

9 AM // Mercado Central (Central Market)

Hopped off the train with an appetite? 


A visit to the Mercado Central during your stay in Valencia is something you must not miss. It's the perfect introduction to the local culture and a great place to start your 24 hours in Valencia. Enjoy some pastries with some coffee at a reasonable price, while enjoying its historic architecture. Don’t forget to grab some local food and snacks to munch on throughout your one day adventure.

Mercado Central
Mercado Central

10.30 AM // La Lonja de la Seda (Silk Exchange)

Spellbinding gothic architecture

La Lonja de la Seda, or the silk exchange, is one of Valenica's main monuments and a masterpiece of civil Gothic architecture. Built in the 15th and 16th centuries as a hub for the city’s silk and commodity traders, the building is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

When you enter the forest of palm-tree-shaped columns that span its magnificent main hall, you'll be spellbound by its enigmatic carvings, which hold the secrets and mysteries of a society that was just opening itself up to the Renaissance – secrets that remain hidden to society to this day.

The Silk Exchange is the only building that is devoted to the mercantile transactions that were so closely linked to the city’s prosperous 15th century trade.

La Lonja de la Seda
La Lonja de la Seda

12 pm // Plazas (Central Squares)

How about those central squares?


Valencia has many plazas worth visiting, where visitors can digest the rich history the city has to offer. The squares or plazas in Valencia are often tree-lined, with many spots with shade where locals and visitors can hide from the summer sun. These squares often have roads that connect interesting places, lovely cafés and in some cases, more beautiful plazas or squares.


Our suggestion for the top 3 Central Squares in Valencia:


Plaza del Ayuntamiento 
This is the main and largest square in Valencia. Plaza del Ayuntamiento is dominated by an impressive fountain that is surrounded by buildings from the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century.


Plaza de la Reina
One of the oldest and busiest plazas in Valencia. Plaza de la Reina is a must see on your visit to Valencia. Sit at one of the main cafes or have a seat in the shade and enjoy some of the food you bought at the Mercado Central. Plaza de la Reina also hosts the historic Valencia Cathedral


Plaza de la Virgen
Connected to Plaza de la Reina, this lovely square is marked at one side with la Fuente del Turia (Turia Fountain), which represents the Turia River. This square is perfect for grabbing a drink and to people watch.





Plaza de la Virgen
Plaza de la Virgen
Plaza del Ayuntamiento
Plaza del Ayuntamiento

2.00 PM // PAELLA Valenciana

Paella time!


Paella is a Spanish rice dish, originally from Valencia. It is one of the best-known dishes in Spanish cuisine, often made with chicken or seafood. However, the Valenciana original swaps the seafood for rabbit! If there is one thing you try during your day in Valencia, it must be this. Many restaurants serve this dish, so it won't be hard to find.

Interrail tip: Find a restaurant beforehand to reserve a seat and order your paella before your arrival. If the paella is fresh, then it should take a while to make.
Paella Valenciana!
Paella Valenciana!

3.00 PM //  Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias (City of Arts and Sciences)

Back to the future!


The first half of your day was filled with historic sights. Now let’s travel to the future and visit the futuristic City of Arts and Sciences. You can get there quickly by bike or public transportation from the Old Town. Once there, feast your eyes on the immaculate architecture. Six buildings provide a seemingly endless capacity for entertaining and stimulating the mind. 

Due to the size of the city and the amount of time available, our suggestion, is to head over to the Oceanographic, Europe's biggest aquarium. With seven different marine environments, almost 45,000 specimens of 500 different species can be seen, such as dolphins, belugas, sea lions and sharks.


Interrail tip: Don't miss the daily bio-educational exhibition in the dolphinarium.


Oceanographic , City of Arts & Science
Oceanographic , City of Arts & Science

6.00 PM // Dinner  or a quick snack?

To eat or not to eat? Definitely eat...


After a day of exploring, the thought of food will surely start to creep into your mind. No worries! Valencia has many restaurants that offer a variety of meals. Try local dishes such as Fideuà, paella’s delicious cousin, or, Arròs a banda, another typical rice dish of the region.

Still full from the paella you had for lunch? Try Horchata and Fartons. Horchata tastes a little like sweetened almond milk, and it’s made by burning and grinding chufa beans. The drink is traditionally served chilled with Fartons, which are much like iced buns.


Interrail tip: If you decide to get some Horchata and Fartons, we suggest to grab this at Orxateria Santa Catalina.
Horchata (drink) & Farton (Bun)

7.30 PM // Bars - Café Negrito // Nightlife 

Explored hard, party harder!


As a celebrated pre-drinking spot, start your evening with a beer in hand or a crazy cocktail before tackling Valencia’s major clubs. The biggest draw at Café Negrito is its supersized terrace and its dance anthems. The drinks at the café are affordable and they come in a variety of flavours to excite your taste buds. Whether you’re after a classic Cosmopolitan, a hot coffee, or even a bite to eat if you're still not full – there’s something to satisfy everyone.

After having some tasty drinks, join a bar crawl, head to a nightclub, or soak up Valencia in the last hours of your one day trip.


Don’t forget to catch the train to your next adventure the following day…



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