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24 hours in Prague

Prague has a million things of beauty to show you! She will entice you with her cosmopolitan lifestyle and countless cultural highlights. And if you can only spend 24 hours in Prague, these are the things you can't miss out on!

The Charles Bridge in Prague at sunrise | 24 hours in Prague

8 AM // The Bridge

Spectacular sunrise

Rise early for stroll across the Charles Bridge. Watch the sun rise over the 600-year old structure and the Vltava river, without crowds blocking your view. Take a moment to admire the gothic-style Old Town bridge tower.

Directly to your left is the historic Clementinium building complex. Take a tour of the Library Hall, which will make you feel like a wizard walking around Hogwarts. Go up the Astronomical Tower for the best view of Prague.

Astronomical clock in Prague | 24 hours in Prague

11 AM // The Clock

Medieval mechanics

Go to the Old Town Square and watch crowds of people lining up before noon to see the Astronomical Clock in action. Its moving figures may seem a little lame, but back in 1410 this was the coolest thing around!

Dominating the Old Town is the Týn church, with its 80m high towers. Have a peek inside, then walk south towards the National Theatre. Cross the bridge next to the theatre to find yourself in Mala Strana ("Lesser Side").

View of Prague from Petrin Hill | 24 hours in Prague

3 PM // The Hill

Hilltop holiday

At the foot of Petrin Hill is an old funicular that will take you all the way to the top. With its recreational parks and neatly kept gardens, Petrin Hill is the perfect place to take a break and spend two of your 24 hours in Prague.

You can't miss the Petrin Lookout Tower, which looks a great deal like the Eiffel Tower's little brother. If you climb to the top you'll have a great view over the city and nearby Prague Castle - which will be your next stop!

Prague Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral | 24 hours in Prague

5 PM // The Castle

Prague's pride

No tour of Prague is complete without a trip to Prague Castle, the largest castle complex in the world. With a size of 70,000 square meters, you can't expect to see it all. In late afternoon, most tour groups will be gone or leaving.

Take some time to marvel over the St. Vitus Cathedral. Within the complex, you'll find multiple churches, palaces and museums. The Czech Crown Jewels are hidden inside the castle, only to be displayed on special occassions.

Brown beer in Prague | 24 hours in Prague

8 PM // The Beer

Brewing brilliance

Follow the castle stairs down to Malostranské square. You'll find plenty of impressive buildings here, most notably the St. Nicholas church. The whole area is lined with bars, music venues and restaurants.

The Czech Republic is the ultimate beer country with the highest beer consumption in the world! Make sure you try some local favorites during your holiday in Prague. In May, stop by the 17-day Czech Beer Festival!

Party scene in Prague | 24 hours in Prague

11 PM // The Party

Neverending nightlife

Leave it to the Czechs to keep the party going every day of the week! Hang out in one of the many underground bars or hit the clubs until sunrise. Start off your night at cozy Kozicka, or grab a cocktail at Bar and Books.

For some serious clubbing, visit Karlovy Lazne near the Charles Bridge – with 5 floors, this is the biggest club in Central Europe. For a nice mix between dancing and relaxing, Chapeau Rouge is the place to be!


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