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24 hours in Košice

Spend 24 hours in Košice, where medieval history meets folk traditions and modern architecture. Let yourself be carried away by the beauty and uniqueness of Slovakia's second city. 

9AM // Golden treasures

Rouse your sleepy eyes in the best possible way: by treating them to a morning visit to see the magnificent Košice Gold Treasure at the Eastern Slovak National Museum. The collection contains 3,000 rare gold coins, medals and Renaissance gold chains, originating from all over Europe.


Between the walls of the museum, located on Hviezdoslavova Street, you can swot up on the nature and geography of the Carpathian Mountains as well as admiring Gothic and Baroque art collections. The museum is open from 9 'til 5 and is a short 20 minute walk from Košice railway station.

9 AM  Gold treasure

11AM // St. Elisabeth's Cathedral

Head through Košice's Old Town to its centrepiece, St. Elisabeth's Cathedral. The interior of Europe's easternmost Gothic cathedral features beautiful altars, jewellike sculptures and original 19th century frescoes.


Near the north wall of the cathedral you can find a crypt containing the sarcophagus of Hungarian nobleman Francis II Rákoczi. Outside, see how many gargoyles you can spot perched on top of the cathedral walls. 

11 AM  St

2PM // Craftsmanship

Košice has long been famous for its tradition of craftsmanship. Wander throughout the city and you'll be sure to find plenty of workshops preserving age-old artistry.


If you are keen on hand-crafted items, seek out the hidden Alley of Crafts. The cobbled lane is lined with small authentic shops where you can buy crunchy homemade bread or watch local blacksmiths, carvers and potters hard at work.

4PM // Extraordinary views

Looking for a unique place to enjoy the sun set? Climb up Hradová Watchtower, which offers 360° views on Košice and its surrounding hilltops. The path to the tower is dotted with information boards with interesting facts to learn along the way.


Don't miss the medieval ruins of old town walls at the foot of the tower. If you're lucky, you'll see local swordsmen duelling and archers taking shots from their longbows.

7PM // Food and fountains

Along Hlavná Street you can find a variety of restaurants offering global cuisine. For local Košice, delicacies prepared just the way Slovak grandmothers do, take a seat at traditional slow-food restaurant Med malina.


Make sure to taste traditional sweet-baked trdelník or indulge in a refreshing fruit ice cream nearby the city's singing fountain. Relax while the coloured lit jets dance to the tones of its famous music.

7 PM  Amazing dinner

10PM // Clubs and culture

If you're a fan of music concerts, end your day at Košice's Kasárne/Kulturpart, which showcases musical performances ranging from the classical to modern.


Kováčska Street is home to the liveliest bars and clubs. With its Student Wednesdays and Ladies Thursdays, Jazz Club is the perfect place to get a party started. Need to recharge? Ask the bartender for a tasty cocktail and carry on Košice! 

10 PM  Dance and party

Discover Slovakia

Set foot in stunning Slovakia, one of Europe's best kept secrets. 

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