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Interrail Gap Year

Routes for 1 month or longer by train

Madrid to Rome


Travel along the Mediterranean coast with this sunny and laidback itinerary.


  • Includes Madrid, Barcelona, Nice, Genoa, Florence, Rome and more
  • Travel time: 1 month or longer

Europe in 60 days


Enjoy a 2-month rail adventure through 8 different European countries.


  • Includes London, Glasgow, Paris, Milan, Lucerne, Amsterdam and more
  • Travel time: 2 months or longer

New and Exciting


See another side of Europe with this cool trip through 10 different countries.


  • Includes Ghent, Leipzig, Bologna, Budapest, Lyon and more
  • Travel time: 1 month or longer

1, 2 or 3 month Passes


For ultimate flexibility on a longer trip, the best Interrail Pass is a 1, 2 or 3 months Continuous Global Pass! Offering unlimited train travel, a Continuous Pass lets you use any day as a travel day, so you can add as many stops and day trips as you like.

2019-06 Eurail Valencia 1055

London to Athens


Get inspired by fellow traveller Vicky as she travels all across Europe.


  • Includes London, Paris, Berlin, Munich, Salzburg, Venice, Athens and more
  • Travel time: 1 month or longer

The road to Florence


Travel from Amsterdam to Florence with this beautiful route through 5 countries.


  • Includes Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, Bern and Florence
  • Travel time: 1 month or longer

The Greek Islands


Choose which of 53 islands you want to explore with our Greek Islands Pass.


  • Includes Crete, Mykonos, Santorini and 50 more islands to choose from
  • Travel time: up to 1 month

2 months summer itinerary by Heather


This itinerary was sent to us by Heather, who travelled from Finland to 17 countries with her Interrail Pass! Her route took her to many of Europe's biggest attractions, as well as some secret spots. 


2 months Summer itinerary →



Other routes and destinations


  • Lake Bled, Slovenia
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    Western Europe From capital cities to charming towns, explore Western Europe by rail with your Interrail Pass.
  • Lucerne, Switzerland
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