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Train travel between France, Italy and Spain

France, Italy and Spain are three of the most visited countries with an Interrail Pass. If you want to know how to travel back and forth between these countries, this page will help you find your way. 

Simply click on one of the maps below and we will give you the best travel options. 

France to Italy

Map with route between Paris and Ventimiglia

Find out the best ways to travel between France and Italy. We show you what trains you can take from Paris to the Italian border.

France to Italy routes

France to Spain

Paris, France to Madrid, Spain rail map

Discover how to travel between France and Spain via Paris, Barcelona and Madrid. Simply click on the France - Spain train map below.

France to Spain routes

Spain to Italy

Milan, Italy to Barcelona, Spain train map

See how you can easily get from Barcelona to Italian cities Rome and Milan. Click our Italy to Spain rail map for connecting routes.

Spain to Italy routes