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Packing checklist


Pack light and it will be easier to get around, you'll have less to worry about and there'll be more space to fill up on souvenirs and gifts. Read our checklist of things not to forget when packing for your Interrail trip.



Don't leave home without these 20 items:

1.   [  ] First Aid kit

2.   [  ] Photocopies of important documents

3.   [  ] Spare credit card

4.   [  ] Padlock

5.   [  ] Torch

6.   [  ] Driving licence

7.   [  ] Money belt

8.   [  ] Universal adaptor

9.   [  ] Alarm clock

10. [  ] Phrase book


11.  [  ] Small speakers

12.  [  ] Waterproof jacket / poncho

13.  [  ] Backpack rain cover

14.  [  ] Plasters

15.  [  ] Playing cards

16.  [  ] Bottle opener

17.  [  ] Hiking boots

18.  [  ] Swimming goggles

19.  [  ] Wet wipes

20.  [  ] Resealable bags



Packing tips

Keep it small


Whatever the size of your bag, the chances are you'll manage to fill it to the max. So, opt for a small/medium-sized backpack or suitcase – that way you're restricted on how much stuff you can take!


Take multi-purpose items


Be a bit creative and the items you take with you can have more than one usage. Here are some examples: Shampoo can be used as shower gel and washing detergent, dental floss makes a line for drying clothes or a sarong doubles up as a beach towel.


Share your stuff


If there’s a bunch of you travelling together, why not share your things. Exchange books with your friends or with other travel buddies you meet along the way.


Go digital


Travelling bookworms should get their hands on an e-reader – usually much lighter and slimmer than a real book, you'll no longer have to break your back carting heavy books around! Store thousands of e-books that will keep you going for your entire European rail trip.


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