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Last-minute trips - No reservations!

Take a trip that requires no planning


Whether it's a surprise long weekend or a month-long getaway, Interrail Passes suit your every need! Easily book one of these four last-minute breaks now. These don't require seat reservations, and take a more scenic and alternative route to hidden gems in Europe. Just choose the length of your trip below and discover the itineraries we've designed for you!

3-5 days 


Get away on your long weekend by visiting 3 countries within 3-5 days. This itinerary will take you from Austria to Hungary, through Slovakia and requires no reservations - just pack your bag and go!

1 week in Europe


From hiking in the mountains to ending at some of the best European beaches, these week-long itineraries are perfect for adventure seekers.

10 days


Want a longer break that takes you to the Floating Cities of Europe? With our 10-day reservation-free itinerary, we've got you covered. 

1 month in Europe


Want a challenge? Visit 10 different countries in 1 month with this once in a lifetime itinerary, taking you through the Netherlands, Hungary, Switzerland and more.

All you need is a Global Pass!

For these itineraries, you'll need a Global Pass for the number of days of each journey - there are no additional costs, as reservations aren't needed.

Just bring your bags and board the first train to start your adventure!